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    Jenn spent much of her live in Maine, a climate no one can imagine being especially convivial to her temperament. When the opportunity presented itself (college), she fled to the sunny shores of Upstate New York. It is long assumed she must have held the map upside down. She earns her keep working at a copy shop and plying her art by making wings, which she sells at faires. She has mentioned feeling that she is likely an OtherKin, but shrugs her shoulder when pressed to describe just what non-human soul she might have.

    She arrived in this story when Xen happened to briefly be in the mood for dating. She promised not the let him rebound crush onto anyone, so he logically chose to crush on her. Once they met, she showed herself to be so caring that the two became friends and he stopped rebounding onto her.

    Showing the she belongs here, she soon after began communicating with Daniel, her intentions faintly romantic until confronted with Daniel's inability to call her back. As far as we know, they only went on two "dates", the second to which Xen invited himself and Hannah. She continued on in the high esteem of all concerned.

    She has met Melanie several times, enough that she is implicitly invited to group activities.

      Vital Statistics

      Hair: Strawberry blonde and often fluffy.

      Spiritual Path/Religion: OtherKin

      Divine Dominion Over: Wings.

      Future Profession: Artist.

      Current Profession: Artist, copyist, and wing maker.

      Best Quality: She has a charming "mew?"

      Weakness(es): All metal

      Superpower: She can likely help others to fly.

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