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    Hannah escaped from rural Appalachia and has not looked back. Her family seems to rise only incidentally above the stereotype of West Virginia and we imagine they are not so keen on her highfalutin book learnin'. She has an accent equal parts Virginian librarian and Mae West.

    It is hard to fully know her, because she is still learning to be the master of her emotions and will therefore keeps secrets because telling them would otherwise make her crack. At the same time, it's hard not to like her once you get to know her even a little.

    She is a writer with a yet-unread science fiction novel that she charted on her bedroom walls.

    Though Xen had been chatting with her idly for a few months through a social networking site, he only met her when he began harassing her roommate Daniel. She came along as part of the bargain. She was best friends with Melanie and referred to her as Muffin.

    She vacated New York to be in the Navy for a six year stint.

    She used to live with Daniel, whom she dated for some time in the past. Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they are antagonists who once shared a bathroom.

    She married Arthur in 2009. Since then, her only contact with Xen is through Facebook, when her account is active.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Hanners, Hannelore, Banana

      Birthday: March 4, 1983. With a birthday like that, she was destined to join the military (say it out loud).

      Zodiac: Pisces

      Height: 5'8" we think

      Eyes: Sparkly

      Hair: Blonde, close cropped

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Zen Atheist

      Divine Dominion Over: Possibly unmagical books, pumpkins

      Future Profession: Navy officer/Electrical engineer

      Current Profession: Naval grunt

      Best Quality: Dry humor

      Weakness(es): Her own emotions, Daniel.

      Superpower: The accent and the ability to make pumpkin bread. Don't laugh, that bread is addictive.

      Similar to: Mae West.

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