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    Daniel comes from somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona, a place named for a bird that sets itself on fire and is reborn. In this spirit, he has extinguished any trace that would lead you to believe any of this, speaking in a baritone that almost seems unnatural.

    Daniel - and almost no one shortens it in his presence, aside from Melanie - swears he is not goth. He just happens to look good in black. Lots of black. With suspenders and a dark red tie. He says this lack of sartorial differentiation is so he will appear timeless in people's minds. He could be right, as cartoons also never change their clothing or age either.

    He seems to have some occult knowledge, but he shares it rarely and very likely not with you. He does like drawing ornate concentric circles, but does not often explain why. These have recently been etched on tiles, which sell for startling amounts at Art Riot in Kingston, NY.

    He lived with Hannah until June of 2009, after having broken up a year before.

    Xen found him on the internet when seeking out a new male friend to replace the several who were making their exodus. Xen feels he chose exceedingly wisely.

    He seems to regard Melanie as something as a kid sister, which is good since she is the one who calls him "Danny" and "Princess". Amber and he are fairly close, possibly as she is the only other person who respects how quickly his Social Meter reaches zero and that one can be very good friends with someone and not do more than grunt over a video game for an hour.

    He went on two dates with Jenn, though the relationship never went further than vague friendship. He was a bit more than friendly with Jinx, which was odd and lovely.

    He met a woman/gnome called Kest, fell in instant love/lust, and became engaged within a year. Thirty days later, he left the Hudson Valley behind.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Danny, Princess

      Birthday: October 24, 1979

      Height: 6' we think

      Eyes: Dark

      Hair: Also dark

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Also, also dark. Okay, fine, atheism.

      Divine Dominion Over: Possibly magical books, misanthropy.

      Future Profession: Invoker of the End Times (please take us).

      Current Profession: Unemployed.

      Best Quality: Cuddliness.

      Weakness(es): Actually being cuddled, new people, Hannah.

      Superpower: Silent conversation.

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