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    Xen was born and grew up in the Hudson Valley to a family that will one day make him famous, once he can find the right story for them to star in without getting disowned. His mother has told him that she approves and encourages, as someone should be benefiting from this train wreck. Her words, we swear.

    Xen is the webmaster, editor, and Humble Narrator of Xenex. He thinks of himself as the caretaker of the stories he observes. It is crucial to understand that almost no one involved would agree. More than likely, they wish he would stop writing about them and consider him a gossip with too big of a mouth. They should have thought of that before they had lives worth chronicling. Honestly, though, he considers what he is doing a compliment, entangling his art with how much he loves and wants to understand the people in his life.

    Xen has previously worked as an occult jewelry shiller in faux Renaissance England, a technical processor in a library, babysitter, tutor, library chair filler, substitute teacher, prep school teacher, educational proofreader, and once, unwittingly, as a gigalo. Really, that's not a joke. $20 a day to be teenage eye candy, five days a week, under the auspices of "babysitting". He teaches English and Computer Skills to youth offenders. It is exactly as thrilling as you might imagine but it gives him ample time to write novels, published by Double Dragon.

    He tends to clings to friends, often when they have long since left the stage of their own accord. The only one to last more than a decade of continued exposure is Melissa (sixteen years so far). Most who once seemed so crucial now merit footnotes. For a while, mostly during his adolescence, he seemed to acquire friends only through kissing and brief romances, which accounts for the fact that he is largely still friends with women. He has mild delusions that he can make his social sphere a sitcom, though the repeatedly facing reality has largely inured him against illusions.

    Xen spends most of his time, when he is not writing or working, divided between any number of the stars of this show.

    It is difficult to pick out the moments that constitute milestones in Xen's life since the beginning of this site. There are obvious moments -- getting engaged, getting dumped, graduating from a variety of colleges, or moving into a series of apartments or being published for the first time or having his novel published -- but the actual evolution is far more subtle given that we are given the majority of the text on this site through his perspective. He was honestly little more than a kid when this all started (and it shows) and recently considers himself a full realized person now. He does not, however, doubt that some iteration of him a year down the road will consider the current incarnation a pipsqueak.

    He writes or has written Xenology, the character pages, The Oz Factor, Spores, several stories on the Library of Progress, the Book of Shadows.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Thomm, Thomas, TQ, Thommy, Thommie, Thommy Thompkins,

      Birthday: December 14, 1980

      Zodiac: Sagittarius

      Height: 5'10"

      Eyes: Blue

      Hair: He says dirty blond. We say it has been brown since he was 15.

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Discordian/Zen Pagan

      Quotes: "I suppose the component people that make it up could, but NPR is a corporation and corporations cannot fuck waterfowl."
      "You can't save people with your vagina!"
      "In my day, we just rubbed two chromosomes together!"
      "I assumed love was all about surviving the other person, loving them despite everything and against much adversity."

      Divine Dominion Over: epomania

      Future Profession: Writer and teacher

      Current Profession: Writer and teacher

      Weakness(es): not being fed, introspection, graphomania, dashed expectations (his own or those of others), ice and snow


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