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    Keilaina grew up in a family of sisters, in a household so feminine that even the dog was a girl. It has been suggested, not unkindly, that Kei's mother was running a beautiful bride factory, making sure each model had the peak of religious education and domestic skills. For some reason, these factors contributed to her mother refusing to allow Kei to watch Buffy, so there is a chance she is a yet undiscovered Slayer as well.

    Kei met Xen when she was half-asleep on a chair in the Dutchess Community College lounge. He prodded her aware, mildly crushing, and they conversed and bonded for hours that night. Later, Xen became her personal taxi to college. They kissed a few times, but we don't really talk about that, in that it usually seems laughably unlikely.

    After becoming friends with Xen, she met a boy named Ian, who stole her away for a year and a half. When they broke up, she returned to the fold, becoming fast friends with and crushing on (respectively) Emily and Zack. During a series of sleepovers, she consummates her crush, but nothing more. Keilaina dated for a while until she found her dream man in a potato field in Idaho/on the internet. Within a month, she was dating Dan. Within another month, they were engaged. Eventually, they got hitched, moved to Buffalo, and then had a son, Rhys.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Kei, Small Animal Girl, Kiwilaina, Keilima, Laina, Kiwi

      Birthday: November 2, 1982

      Zodiac: Scorpio

      Height: 5'3.75"

      Eyes: Verdant

      Hair: Changeable. Likely to change red, especially in autumn sunlight. Technically, it is light brown, but she doesn't like to show it. Especially to baby ferrets.

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Keilainy Christianity

      Quotes: "Awseeoo!"
      "It's too early for balance!"
      "M is more flammable than me."

      Divine Dominion Over: baby ferrets, hugs, defrayed speeding tickets

      Best advice: "I'm never going to let a guy keep me from my friends."

      Future Profession: Therapeutic Riding Instructor and mom.

      Current Profession: Smiling salesgirl.

      Best Quality: Empathy

      Superpower: Immense comforting through hugs

      Similar to: Alicia Silverstone's mouth. Few people realize it's fictional.

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