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    Kate was born into a Catholic family and spent most of her adolescence adoring her older brother Martin and experimenting with high school shenanigans that did not much affect her GPA.

    After a stint in New York City, she moved to Philly, the other dirty city, where she has many wacky misadventures with a crew of occasionally drunken scofflaws and hooligans. (Actually, that might not be exactly true, but the occasional stories Xen hears suggest there might be a latent hooligan gene.)

    Kate and Xen dated for a bit over two years in late high school/early college and, in its adolescent way, it was a good relationship. After she broke up with him for greater independence, Xen drooled over her, mostly metaphorically, for another ten months or so. Then he pretended he didn't like her, though he really actually did but wasn't grown up enough to express, "I love you but you are doing things that you shouldn't by virtue that I am not involved and you are also kissing people who aren't me." He got over it and Kate, to her credit, continued to speak to him when he was being a bit of a jerkface. She is a good egg that way.

    When she lived in the Hudson Valley, she hung out with Stevehen and still keeps in touch with Tina, Virginia, and JB. She got along with Melissa quite well the last time they spent time together. She sees Xen about once a year, around Christmas.

    Kate wrote City Mouse, until she moved to Philadelphia.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Kit, Kitty, Katie, Kitalorium, Kate the Great, Kate the Adequate

      Birthday: May 28, 1981

      Zodiac: Gemini

      Height: 5'8"

      Eyes: Coffee, no cream, with two spoons of sugar and some hot chocolate mix

      Hair: Baker's chocolate and often too little of it

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Radical Agnosticism/City Dweller

      Quotes: "I wear pink all the time because it makes my anger feel pretty"

      Divine Dominion Over: cats, college debauchery, chameleons

      Best advice: "Read this."

      Future Profession: Best boy, writer, or professional student

      Current Profession: Something fairly impressive at a college

      Best Quality: Her ability to debate on every point.

      Weakness(es): Adam, bad beer

      Superpower: The ability to break herself into tiny pieces and reform slightly different every morning.

      Similar to: Anne Streiber in Communion, Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Franny in Franny and Zooey, Lelaina in Reality Bites


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