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    Jacki was hatched from an egg in upstate New York. Her true parents snuck the egg into her fake parents' house, so they didn't realize they were nurturing a gothling until it was much too late than they already loved her too much, even if she was creating clothing out of scraps of pleather and safety pins. It was the 1980s, this was normal behavior.

    Jacki first appeared in the story in 2002, when she was hired to be the Resident Director at Summer Scholars at Bard College. Xen was her favorite Resident Advisor, but likely only because he decided he was and did not molest the students. He took to her and hasn't let her go since.

    Jacki gets published or has her plays put on often. At first, this was novel, but now all her success is just getting tedious. Who wants to be friends with someone who is skillful and interesting?

    Jacki is one of the few people Xen publicly admits to admiring. She is very much put together, even when everything else seems to be falling apart around her. Xen says he has only seen her without make-up once, and that was simply because he was waiting outside her room when she showered. Even then, she could do more with post-shower clothing than most women can manage with a full cabal of stylists. She manages to help others in her professional life, from teaching undergrad composition to keeping the students from caving under the stress of their disabilities.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Jacki, Jacqueline, Ms. Ahl (if you're nasty), Jackicakes

      Birthday: June 10, 1976

      Zodiac: Gemini

      Height: 5ft of luminous white dwarf. Yet she is a giantess compared to the Oompah Loompahs.

      Eyes: Brown

      Hair: The kind of red phoenixes probably aren't but should be

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Spiritual agnosticism

      Quotes: "If I didn't happen to like you so much, I would absolutely murder you and stuff your body in the crawlspace."

      Divine Dominion Over: Sylvia Plath

      Future Profession: Author, playwright, and poetess

      Current Profession: Disabilities coordinator, author, playwright, and poetess

      Best Quality: She has a pervasive and fully realized kind of beauty.

      Weakness(es): Bad grammar

      Superpower: Molecular cohesion: you cannot make her fall apart no matter what you do to her.

      Similar to: Melanie insists Arden in Xen's books. Petra Arkanian. Pippi Longstockings.

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