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You have nine messages.

Message One *beep*

Hey Supes, it's Vixen, just checking up seeing how everything is going. Had a great time last night, really, it was fun. You are the Man of Steel. Hope me channeling the hummingbird wasn't too much for your first time with me, figured you could handle it. I'm thinking Thursday for round two, let me know, okay? Kisses.

Message One Saved

Message Two *beep*

Hey pal, it's Jimmy. Just wanted to call see what you were up to. Professor Hamilton said you stopped by before, hope everything is okay. Thinking of maybe stopping by with some pizza later, just throwing that idea out, man. Let me know what you think.

Message Erased

Message Three *beep*

It's Aquaman, need some...

Message Erased

Message Four *beep*

Hey pal, it's Jimmy. Really just wanted to see you tonight, I mean, I can bring over a pizza, if you want. Just having one of those days, you know how it goes. Perry did his whole "You haven't shot a decent picture since Superman died" speech again. I'm starting to hate the man. Lois says hi, of course, talk to you later.

Message Erased

Message Five *beep*

It's his machine, dude, say something. Why does it have to be me? Um... man Superman, it's freaking awesome talking to your machine, can't freaking believe it. Will you chill out? So, it's the Ray. I think we've met a few times; you always seem like a cool guy and always said if I needed anything I should call. Well, opportunity, man, it's knocking. We were wondering if you wanted to become a founding member of the new Justice League Europe. That is some wicked awesome stuff, isn't it, man? Imagine Superman, the Ray, Adam fucking Strange, Geo-Force, Janissary and Zatanna going around kicking ass and taking names. Let me know what you think man, okay?

Message Saved

Message Six *beep*

Hey Pal, it's Jimmy. Freaking out a little here, man..

Message Erased

Message Seven *beep*

Bugs are crawling out of my fucking eyes and you don't give a shit? FUCK YOU!

Message Erased

Message Eight *beep*

Good morning, Mr. Ben. It's about 6:30, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Ah, just laying here in the bed: half awake, half asleep, thinking about you. I was, uh, wondering if you were looking after your most valuable possession - your mind. I was thinking about John Glenn, his space journey and all.

Message Erased

Message Nine *beep*

Hello son, it's Pa. I'm not done with you yet, son. Not done by a long shot.

Message Erased. End of Messages.

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