Thomm Quackenbush, author

The Stickle

There are stories -- nay, legends -- of a sword buried within a stone. Whoever shall unleash its fury will return order to the horde of darkness and eventually will lead to the salvation of the world. Alas, a hero has risen from the ashes of the old age, bringing with him a new sense of law, a purer form of justice. Upon his flaming horse of pure madness, he rides. A hero to some, a villain to others, no one dares to cross his path without first understanding that when they do battle the Stickle, they offer not only their lives but their eternal souls as well.

Born in a distant, undiscovered world, Stickle rose to power on his home planet, ushering in a new day of science and banishing all those who stood against him to a fate worse then death. A master philosopher, Stickle decided to create the universe in his image, and thus the perfection of the Eighth Dimension was realized. By chance and coincidence, our galaxy came under his control in the 1950's and, since then, he's periodically taken human form in order to interact with his creations. When needed, he's come into affairs, dropping missiles from the sky and healing the dead of war.

A master of multiple forms of kung fu and karate, Stickle knows the dead arts, forms of martial arts that came to him in his dreams. Combined with his ability to heal with a touch and the capability to levitate anywhere on a whim, Stickle has been given a great array of weaponry forged by the blacksmiths of different times. The sword of King Arthur, the daggers of Robin Hood, the flint pistol of George Washington, and the bow of the great forgotten Viking prince combine to make him formidable but, with his Voltron suit, he is unstoppable. There is no weapon devised that will harm him, no need to breathe, and no need to sleep. He is a juggernaut of pure rage combined with the heart of innocence.

A reluctant philosopher in the ways of warfare, he's been known to compose poetry as he savagely beats his opponent to death with his or her own entrails. Men and women alike offer themselves to the Stickle. They should feel lucky as to glimpse the pureness of his naked form as he collides with them creating a new star system with every thrust of his godly sexual ability.

There is no God. There is only the Stickle. May he bless those that stand with him and use his flame sword against those that do not. You have been warned, dear reader. You have been warned.

Great Words From Great Americans
"There was once one like you my child. A foolish lad who sought to undo all of which you see before you. His head decorates my castle wall and his voice has yet to stop its call for mercy. Prepare yourself. Prepare your fat asses. Prepare to become Stickled."

Stevehen J. Warren was born in America. He knows people. American people. You should contact him if you are an American. Or if you aren't an America, but have ever met one.
He writes just to spite you.

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