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Interview with Michelle, the Pass Around Girl

By Thomm Quackenbush

Warning: this article contains both explicit language and explicit images (though tastefully covered by pictures of Hervé Villechaize). Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

You can easily find the uncensored pictures by searching. I have spent hours staring at this woman naked in the course of researching this interview. You can put in a little effort.

Never before has the title of this series seemed quite so unfortunately apropos.

Michelle, no last name given or needed, is a woman who has had more sex partners than anyone in your freshman biology class. Or everyone. As a means of therapy -- sort of -- she had tattooed to her the things I cannot even say in Emily's presence.

Despite what you may think or her tattoos may say, Michelle is far from some dumb slut, as you will see.

  1. You met your wife BisexualBritni through the Internet when she was sixteen and living in New York. Soon after, you were a couple (and thereafter a triad) in Denver. How do you feel the Internet has affected alternative communities?
    The Internet has afforded the opportunity for alternative type individuals to find one another considerably more efficiently. No longer does the average alternative have to sneak around seeking their types all the while hiding who and what they are from the rest of the world. The Internet is tailor made for alternatives to seek and find one another without the looming fear of exposure. I know I employ the Internet frequently while looking to immerse myself in my alternative ideals.
  2. Given your admitted sex addiction and frequent cheating and the fact that you are married to a porn star known for her propensity for doing those acts other porn stars decline, what part if any does jealousy play in your relationship?
    Jealousy has no power in my marriage to Britni. Neither her nor I really suffer from jealousy issues. It was why we made such a great pair. Of course the million-dollar problem is that Britni what does what she does in the open and I feel I have to hide what I do. He personality is much better suited to deal with sex and she was not raised to hate and fear sex as I was.
  3. You have participated in more than one polyamorous triad. Why do you think polyamory is so difficult for many people?
    My X husband Dennis and myself have been in two triads. One with a woman named Shawna that lasted 5 years and ended just previous to Britni. Britni in our triad lasted 8 years. It ended when all my sexual affairs and lying was exposed. We still see one another and even have sex often but we no longer consider ourselves married to one another.
  4. You say that your husband killed himself because you cheated on him so often. How did this affect both Britni and you? Do you still blame yourself for his death?
    This happened many years before Britni came alone. She never knew him and we rarely discussed him. I definitely blame myself for his death. I hurt a weak man to the point he preferred death over life. That is a hard thing to realize you did to someone.
  5. In researching you and reading interviews you have given, what struck me most about you was your honesty and lack of illusion. Do you consider this your greatest strength? If not, what is?
    I currently do not have any admirable strengths. I lie, cheat and play games with people's lives. I am trying to end that and have decided that total illumination of the problem is the only way to deal with it. Addictions are like cockroaches. They do not function well in the light. The both require the darkness to promulgate and procreate. So, I outed everything in the hopes the light will force me to act more appropriately.
  6. Why did you get a Master's degree in English?
    It was really by default. I was in school and really could not choose what I wanted to do. I was too busy having sex with students, teachers and campus police officers. I did not really choose it as it was basically the end result of taking the classes the people I wanted to have sex were taking.
  7. Aside for working for the Regional Transportation District as you did, what on earth do people with Master's degrees in English actually do?
    I have been a cop, a 911 dispatcher and a supervisor for RTD. None of them employed nor required my degree.
  8. What is your favorite book?
    Legends of the Fall
  9. Is any sex act off limits to you?
    No, I have no issues with any sex act that I can think of, that involves another human being.
  10. With how many people would you estimate you have had some form of sex?
    If I had to guess I would say I have had sex with 200 girls and 500 guys. That's a rough guess.
  11. What is your type? What isn't your type?
    My type is anyone that pays attention to me. I do not choose who to have sex, they choose me.
  12. Do you ever want children? Why or why not?
    I have children. Identical twin 4-year-old boys.
  13. I know people who have fallen from your good graces frequently ask you what your parents think of your tattoos, but what do they think?
    My mom and dad barely deal with me. My actions make them sick and they are horribly disappointed with me. As a rule, they generally don't deal with me. They have not seen the new ink but if they did, they would be HORRIBLY upset.
  14. A common assumption as to your tattoos and sexual attitude is that you must have been in some way abused when you were growing up. Why do you think people assume this?
    My mom and dad were horribly religious and hands off about sex education. I was caught masturbating once when I was 12 with an electric toothbrush and the punishment was draconian. I had my vagina washed out with rubbing alcohol. I was never sexually assaulted but I learned to go "underground" about sex very early on.
  15. It has been supposed by people who have even more time than me that the scars on your abdomen and breasts are from cosmetic procedures, both a tummy tuck and breast reduction, respectively. Is this accurate? If it is, how have these procedures affected your self-image?
    The surgeries were not that simple. I had ovarian cancer many years ago and they took my left ovary and fallopian tube. A little more then a year ago they found a lump in my breast that was cancerous. At the same time, I stopped having periods again and via an ultra sound they found another mass on my other ovary. In one surgery they dealt with the breast surgery and the mass on my ovary. Immediately afterwards a plastic surgeon rebuilt my breasts and redid the scars via a "scar revision" on my abdomen.
  16. The body modification community speaks of tattooing as a highly transformative experience. How have your tattoos, from the original "Cum Slut" on your lower back the various exhortations as to what you would like done to your body or do to others, affected you? Do you have a favorite tattoo? If so, which and why?
    The tattoos serve to remind me as to how I was leading my life. Further, they help me masturbate in lieu of seeking sexual partners I should not be with. While I was just trying not to have sex whatsoever, my sexual ideas were so powerful that I lived the sexual release via the tattoos. They were short-term victories but they were victories. The Scarlet Letter is my favorite tattoo.
  17. At your RTD job, the bus drivers labeled you the "pass around girl," a nickname you have embraced to a degree. What is a nickname you would choose for yourself and why?
    Fucking Stupid. At times, I simply cannot believe how much of a toy I was for so many men.
  18. Do you presently have any plans for any specific additional tattoos?
    Yes, I have designed a lesbian sex orgy tattoo for my back. I hope to get it done very soon.
  19. What is one misconception about you of which you most wish you could disabuse the world?
    That sex automatically means you have STDs. I have never had an STD and hope never to have one. The assumption that I full of STDs is annoying.
  20. What is one thing not presently in your life that you wish was?
    To rebuild my marriages and get my kids back.
  21. What is a day in your life like?
    Currently? Anger, bitterness and self-loathing. From the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.
  22. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    I wanted to be an animal doc and a mom.
  23. How do you feel about the Democrats taking the House and Senate?
    I am elated. Quite obviously Republicans are not in my corner nor am I in theirs.
  24. Michelle can be contacted at

Xen has no tattoos and can count his sexual partners on his hand even if he chops two fingers off. He prefers to allow people their vices, however, especially when they are taking them to such interesting places. It's all about the journey.

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