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Something Borrowed (2008.12.30)
Emily gets engaged.

Knowing Everyone (2008.12.26)
Xen does not know everyone, but Hannah and Tina know the same boy.

Of Tinsel and Eggnog (2008.12.25)
A Christmas with no major bloodshed!

Snowbind (2008.12.19)
Xen slogs through the snow for one more kiss.

Friends and Partners (2008.12.10)
Hannah considers a relationship with a man and Xen ponders if that means she is going to vanish.

On Remembering (2008.11.20)
I remember this entry!

I'm a Believer (2008.11.10)
What is heaven without an angel?

On Forgetting (2008.10.28)
I don't remember what this entry is about.

Slouching Toward Atlantis (2008.10.20)
Stop, collaborate in... Jersey. Hannah, Melanie, and Xen work on the next Cave Drawing Ink opus.

Arrogance (2008.10.15)
Are Xen and his friends arrogant?

Eviction (2008.10.05)
Xen is evicted.

Craniosynostosis (2008.09.30)
Aydan, Xen's new nephew, has a skull that is fused and needs surgery.

Skate Like a Pirate (2008.09.26)
Hannah, Daniel, Melanie and Xen go rollerskating.

Ethical Slut (2008.09.18)
Hannah decides she'd rather hookup than date.

Proof (2008.09.13)
Xen gets legit employment. No, not as a teacher.

Writers Anonymous (2008.09.07)
My friends get spotted in the Renaissance owing to a reader.

Directionless (2008.08.28)
Daniel still wants Hannah's love, so Hannah takes a drive.

Undressed (2008.08.23)
Melanie returns.

The Missing Piece (2008.08.18)
James dumps Hannah, but Daniel tries to resume a romantic relationship with his housemate.

Goldilocks (2008.08.12)
Xen's fall back plan falls on him and he must find a new place to live without a job.

Accessories After the Fact (2008.08.08)
Xen tries to afford that his friends actually date people and not cardboard.

Fireworks (2008.08.01)
You try to catch fireworks, you get burned.

To Write Love On Her Arms (2008.07.25)
Can a group survive being sold by Hot Topic?

Left Behind (2008.07.21)
Xen wants a job even though he has no breasts.

Apoptosis (2008.07.16)
Xen uses his free time to go a bit crazy.

Sunshine and the Storm Cloud (2008.07.13)
Hannah and Xen tag along on Daniel's meeting with Jenn.

Apologia Pro Amor Sua (2008.07.10)
Xen doesn't carry around Melanie's blood, but he would. He likes her. Let him tell you why.

Fantasy and Reality (2008.07.09)
While ignoring a fantasy writers' meeting, Xen reencounters a startlingly real girl he used to know.

Take This Waltz (2008.07.01)
Xen goes to a wedding stag. Apparently, one is not supposed to do this for a very good reason and gets trapped in the labyrinths of his mind.

Dissecting the Angel (2008.06.27)
Hannah and Daniel were once a couple. You probably guessed this.

Emperor of Ice Cream (2008.06.21)
Xen becomes more active with Hannah and Daniel.

Social Fluidity (2008.06.10)
Xen goes to a party and feels awkward.

Never the Bride (2008.06.10)
Dan and Emily get married. (No, not that Dan and not that Emily.)

Little Did He Know (2008.06.03)
Xen walks into Hannah and Daniel's story.

Of Affection and Restraint (2008.05.25)
Xen is possibly propositioned. Or not.

What Dreams May Come (2008.05.23)
Xen has a nightmare.

Recovering the Satellites (2008.05.22)
Xen starts reclaiming himself.

Pomegranate (2008.05.17)
Melanie leaves for France.

Expiration Dating (2008.05.16)
Melanie and Xen go to a prom at the Rug Room and meet Daniel.

Beltaint (2008.05.10)
Xen and Melanie go to a Beltane fair, but Emily isn't going to Free Spirit.

Dream of Genie (2008.04.30)
Xen details the life he would like to be leading.

Lacuna Beach (2008.04.29)
Xen wants to keep his memories and doesn't want to write this entry again.

Carpe Bombing (2008.04.28)
Time accelerates.

Diary of the Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Dead (2008.04.25)
We prepare for the coming zombie holocaust.

Flight of the Concord (2008.04.20)
Xen contemplates compatibility.

The Risk It Takes (2008.04.16)
Xen and Melanie have difficulty owing to a misunderstanding and Xen explicates the issues.

Operation Reconnect (2008.04.12)
Xen and Melanie protest the Church of Scientology with Anonymous.

Take My Waking Slow (2008.04.11)
Xen naps with Xuan.

Into Every Life (2008.04.05)
Xen and Melanie run through the rain for ice cream.

Xuan (2008.04.01)
Xen makes a new friend.

Swansong (2008.03.25)
Dan and Stephanie walk over an uneven patch.

Defensive Deriving (2008.03.24)
Xen answers some questions.

Part Time Lovers (2008.03.23)
You are not enough people.

Fake Plastic Trees (2008.03.20)
Xen introduces Melanie to Jacki and does not cotton to lying.

The Ides (2008.03.15)
Xen does not marry Emily.

The Crash (2008.03.06)
Xen and Melanie crash. (No, this isn't a metaphor.)

Over the Moon (2008.02.29)
Xen plans for a cattle call and whines a bit.

Cave Drawing (2008.02.28)
Melanie may not like one of Xen's stories, but he is still a writer by virtue that he is getting published. Are you getting published? Then you, too, are a writer.

Creation Myths (2008.02.16)
Xen loves Melanie and has loved a few others.

Get Real (2008.02.06)
Xen and Melanie are fictional and try to be factual.

Dating Intensive (2008.02.03)
Xen spends a weekend getting to know Melanie.

Burning Bright (2008.01.29)
Xen gets... well, "kissed" would be a bit conservative and "bodily consumed" a bit too generous... by a girl named Melanie.

Use Your Disillusion (2008.01.26)
Xen begins to open his eyes a bit wider.

The Breaststroke (2008.01.25)
Xen thinks he has learned from past mistakes.

Drawing Blood (2008.01.24)
Xen faints during a blood test.

Change or Die (2008.01.23)
Emily compliments Xen's coping, but needs all the furniture she said he could use because she now has a house in Warwick.

This Beautiful Agony (2008.01.21)
Xen spends time with and consciously does not hit on Sarah the Vet Tech.

Seven Seconds (2008.01.19)
Xen hangs out with Dave and Nikki, that latter of whom is secretly Wingwoman, partner of The Cockblocker.

Vicissitude (2008.01.17)
Xen talks to himself a bit. Some of his advice isn't horrid.

Social Buffer (2008.01.14)
Xen meets his friend Jenn and holds her hand for a bit.

Interregnum (2008.01.12)
Xen goes on his first date since the breakup.

Light Of Some Kind (2008.01.10)
Xen finds out that Emily had begun a relationship with one of her friends when his newly ex-girlfriend rages and breaks into his account.

Caliber (2008.01.05)
Xen lists what he has learned from this breakup so far.

Hello, My Future Girlfriend (2008.01.04)
Don't get excited. Xen is a quick healer, but he isn't that quick. Xen details how he isn't ready for a relationship.

Threshold (2008.01.02)
Xen writes something that hurts Emily. He needs to get out of his head.

New Years Even (2008.01.01)
Xen tries to have a happy new year with the help of Stephanie, his wingman, and the magical dance party.

Thomm Quackenbush is an author and teacher in the Hudson Valley. Double Dragon publishes four novels in his Night's Dream series (We Shadows, Danse Macabre, and Artificial Gods, and Flies to Wanton Boys). He has sold jewelry in Victorian England, confused children as a mad scientist, filed away more books than anyone has ever read, and tried to inspire the learning disabled and gifted. He is capable of crossing one eye, raising one eyebrow, and once accidentally groped a ghost. When not writing, he can be found biking, hiking the Adirondacks, grazing on snacks at art openings, and keeping a straight face when listening to people tell him they are in touch with 164 species of interstellar beings. He likes when you comment.

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