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    Cristin is the product of Catholic school education. No, no, one mustn't judge! She is one of those rare, functional sorts that justify the perpetuation of the educational system. Whilst in school, she met Dezi and Annie and then spent years daring to be an interesting human being beneath Xen's notice, an unkindness for which he has yet to forgive her.

    She is made of jam. Or skin and organs. We forget.

    She qualifies as the current artist-in-residence, though her movies occasionally involve animated cows stalking the family members of loved ones.

    It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when she entered the story. Very technically, she had been there for year, just slightly to the left of the frame. Which is to say, she was there and Xen didn't notice he was sharing onion dip with her at parties held by Dezi and Annie. She came into the story properly when Zack fell in love with her, despite having been entangled with another woman at the time. Cristin won the day and his devotion, if intermittently. Occasionally, her boyfriend experienced profound psycho-social crises and would leave not only her, but the whole of the Hudson Valley. A few times, there was no preamble or warning. Once, this involved a broken lease and Cristin scrambling for a roof over her head.

    She returned from a Zack-dumping, where he declared he did not love her and she decided to get off the rollercoaster. She is now back in New York, working as a museum attendant and barista while living with her parents.

    She is shrouded in legend, aside from the fact that she has an entry on Internet Movie Database.

      Vital Statistics

      Eyes: Brown.

      Hair: Also brown

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Catholic in the lower and upper case

      Divine Dominion Over: Super 8

      Future Profession: Filmmaker

      Best Quality:The absolute assertion that, no matter what, things are going to work out her way.

      Weakness(es): Darkened theaters.

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