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Conor's sister who has transformed from (to quote Xen) the hormonally-gifted jail bait... OF DOOM! to a complex and intriguing girl. Xen has only recently come to realize that Margaret is an alluring creature, rather than the hormonally privileged female extension of Conor's blood. Like Louisa in The Fantasticks, her ugly duckling features one day became beautiful. The shock from this caused her to become crazy. However, there should be a small proviso herein. We don't believe that Margaret was ever, in any conventional sense, an ugly duckling. She went straight from child to well-developed lolita wearing the body of a girl four years her senior. When this happens overnight, it's enough to drive anyone crazy for a few years. Though she was quite popular with others of Xen's species, she was always the dependant clause of Conor to him until very recently. Now, it is quite confusing to see her, because she is this very complete and interesting person that he have known forever and yet know almost nothing. She is the Valentine to Conor's Ender. She is Ariel (the fairy, not the mermaid). And she has always been there, slightly to Conor's left. She makes dating charts to illustrate how few guys are charmers and has been the secret girlfriend of Bono since she was seven.
Quotes: "I am going to go Session 9 on your ass!"

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