Thomm Quackenbush, author


A Basic Love Spell
A simple love spell using a few cords.

Blessing My New Home
A short, sweet house blessing.

A Healing Spell
A succinct healing/protection spell requiring nothing but words, which is excellent for when an you are without supplies.

Prosperity Spell
It seems effective, however one has to spend about $11 at the very least to affect the spell properly according to the author's wishes. Perhaps you will find $20, but you have really only cleared $9.

Safe Travel Spell
As the title suggests, a spell to ensure safety during travel. It seems effective, though a bit more complicated than may be necessary.

Spell to Ease a Broken Heart
As it involved pleasant tasting tea and pleasant smelling oils, I think the aromatheraputic aspect is quite enough to make one feel better without calling upon mystical forces. If I were told to soak in a hot bath and drink tea, I would be feeling absolutely five by five, even if I were not nursing a broken heart.

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