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Banishing the Circle
A version of rite to banish the circle.

Candle Blessing
A quick incantation to say over candles one is making. I thik the point is to boost the ego of the wax.

Pagan Ritual for Basic Use
A rather henotheistically gynocentric ritual that can be adapted for personal use if one is so inclined to worship The Lady (of course, you may insert your patron goddess or -- just a thought -- god here.)

Pagan Sacrament of Holy Communion
Church of All World's ritual basically for consecrating bread. However, subjectively "Communion" is associated with Catholicism and this may put off non-Christian Witches. Given that the world "Benediction," another loaded term is used, I can help but think that those with issues about Catholicism will shirk away from this otherwise fine (though possibly Catholically appropriated) ritual. However, I can definitely see it being comforting to a newbie that had converted from Catholicism.

The Ritual of the Black Flame
Satanic (though I do not think Church of Satan or Temple of Set "Satanic") daily ritual of the lesser ritual of Baphomet for the purpose of proclaiming ones chosen path of carnality and beholding of the Satan within. Not nearly as suitheistic as one would expect of a true Satanic ritual, leading this to be far closer to Satan worship.

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