Thomm Quackenbush, author


Invocation of the Horned God
A simple invocation to summon the attention of Pan.

Invocation of the Moon Goddess
A simple invocation to Diana, suitable for beginners

Nemesis Conjuration
An invocation to the Greek goddess of fate and vengeance. As such, something that should be well thought out in advance and not a summoning that a neophyte should undertake if he or she wishes to ever become an adept. The intention of this ritual is largely constructive, but the author is well aware that is can be dangerous or even fatal by definition. This is about discovering and confronting opposite ends of the spectrum of your mind (the author uses the word psyche, but I am thinking that Psyche should not be mentioned idly around Nemesis.) There are a few comments to the extent that Nemesis is a demon, which I consider unwise.

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