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Bardic Beltaine
Another bit of verse by the White Bard. It is formulaic if you have read any of his other holiday rituals, but ths doesn't make it inappropriate in the least. This ritual is Celtic and involved calling the watchtowers.

Beltane for Neo-Pagans
Celtic pantheon Beltane ritual, which purports to be appealing to Wiccans. Make of that what you will. This ritual enlists the help and magickal talents of the entire circle, which is decidedly appealing. There is just the right amount of speaking for my tastes. Not too bombastically playing kiss-ass to the unseen forces, but not neglecting. This is not a very showy ritual, which I mean in a very positive way. It features the five-fold kiss and calling of the watchtowers. It does a disservice to the gods by assuming all are one by different titles. It does offer the participants one of those long, fluffy poems about witchcraft that can be excised if needed. It does seem like a fun sort of ritual, which is important at Beltane which is, according to this ritual, a time for "unbridled sexuality and such."

Candlemas Ritual
A Celtic reconstruction Candlemas ritual requiring the involvement of eight people. Aside from the crystal ball, all of the materials listed should be fairly easy to acquire on short notice. A pleasant and lyrical script that tries to make use of all the participants, though especially the Maiden who will play the part of Brighid.

Candlemas Ritual, White Bard
This ritual focuses more heavily upon the script than the magickal aspects, but this may suit some people. As is often the case, with White Bard's word, the ritual is nicely written.

Samhain Notes
If you are going to invite the Dread Lord of Shadows to eat candy corn, this would be the appropriate way. It does include the Five Fold Kiss and ends with the Great Rite (some people just have to add that in to every ritual...), both of which can make outsiders an newbies a bit uncomfortable. This is quite obviously thus a ritual that should be performed in a group with which you are already decidedly intimate. Celtic flavored. Rather a good Samhain ritual that could easily be adapted to a smaller group.

Samhain Ritual for a Small Circle
A multi-part ritual for Samhain requiring only four people, an older couple and a younger one. Intended for use with Norse deities. Short.

Samhain Ritual, Kalioppe
This ritual excludes the role of Priest, however it is easy enough to alter it to the dynamics of your group. Incorporates the mythos of Persephone, which is appropriate for the holiday (especially if your group happens to work with the Greek pantheon). It enacts the role of death as a part of the renewal of life. Invokes Pan. The author suggests the use of a tape recorder in order to capture EVPs during divination.

Samhain Ritual, White Bard
Requires a somewhat large coven, as there are many roles to assume. Very long because a part of this ritual is to read the names of every person tried for witchcraft that are known (and many that are not). Features a generic calling of the corners. Runs a bit like a one-act play, so participants would likely need good memorization skills or a copy of the ritual in their hands, which can hamper the flow.

Yule (1984)
The speeches are not too long and the symbolism is poignant. This seems to be a very appropriate and somewhat theatrical ritual and does not identify with any set pantheon (thus is easily adaptable.)

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