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Ceremony for the Troops in the Gulf for Safety and Victory
I'm a bit vague why the author doesn't just invoke Mars and ask for some righteous smiting. After all, the people these soldiers are fighting have their own gods of whom they are very likely wishing the same. I am sure the gods get tired being petitioned in this way, but in the interest of completeness, we happily oblige. It seems that, if one is stressing the protection aspect, this could be a very effective ritual.

First Degree Initiation (1949)
A rather thorough, Celtic, and gynocentric initiation that has a strong Gardnarian flavor (very likely because it claims to be from 1949, though I have no definite information nor a source). It features a skyclad initiate, bindings, much kissing, and twenty-one lashes with a scourge. It certainly has its purposes, though I would recommend adapting it to your particular needs.

First Degree Initiation (1957)
Gardnarian flavored, features the five-fold kiss. Contains a long speech that was added in 1960. It is a fine speech, but a bit much for an initiation, seeming more suited to the pulpit. It also features the scourging, of which I am not a fan. It includes the bestowing of the magickal tools, a practice I appreciate.

Initiation (Crimson Moon)
A ritual I wrote many years ago when I was trying to form a circle. My intent, if I recall correctly, was to create a more "friendly" sort of initiation that didn't lean so heavily on rites of which can easily be taken advantage by unscrupulous practitioners. I wanted the initiate to feel loved and welcome, not like this spiritual transition was part of frat hazing. It does not offer pre-conceived ideas of what the initiate is going to answer; these things have to be from the heart, not from memory. This was written at a time that I was still operating under Wiccan beliefs, which this ceremony reflects.

Third Degree Initiation (1957)
Just the ceremony for the person that wants to tie people up, give them the five fold kiss, and hit them with whips while reading bad poetry. As a nice added bonus, this ritual tells you just where to place a girls nether regions. You girls just don't know how to sit properly, evidently.

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