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Outrageous Claims of Magick by Xen
I realize it comes down to a need to feel important and special. The witch who claims to forbear her magick for fear of causing the next Indian tsunami is really saying that she is more than powerful enough that she can kill thousand of innocent strangers when all she meant to do was water her mugwort. She can't be challenged to produce evidence of this, because doing could provoke earthquakes and Africanized bee attacks. Those who state such things are denying the vagaries and improbabilities of the very nature they claim to love. Further, they are claiming for themselves the very power of the gods who, if I am reading my mythology correctly, tend to reward such hubris with ironic and often fatal punishments.

The Perks of Being a Solitary by Xen
Covenspace is not your frat house and you are doing yourself a disservice treating it that way. If these people really care about you, they don't need you to be a yes-man to them. And if they insist otherwise, you are in a cult. I've personally know priest and priestesses who felt entitled to dictate who their coveners date, worship with, or talk to. These people didn't think they were doing anything wrong, just making certain their students weren't misled or their teaching wasn't derailed, but they increasingly tried to control the lives of others (especially when their own lives seemed out of control). Aside from initiation, I've also known groups to haze their members in ways that would do the worst kind of sororities proud, even going to far as to breach into sexual abuse. This is absolutely far from the majority (I've only known that one group), but the members put up with it because they were assured that was what the Gods required. Whenever there are weapons, alcohol, and nudity magnetizes stupidity and critical faculties seem to evaporate.

The Role and Misuse of Modern Sacrifice by Xen
To a large extent, I see this level of supernatural entitlement among Pagans I encounter, even and especially those who should be past the adolescent allure of magick as a way to "get stuff." They spend $50 buying herbs, spices, and rocks so they can do a spell to help them pay the rent. They shun their "normal" friends, hygiene, and social skills because they are going to enchant that utterly unattainable person to love them. They act as if their religion were a celestial gumball machine, taking no blame for personal failures because they won't manifest their will in the real world by working for their goals. I'm not sure what lessons you took from Gerald Gardner, but let me assure you that a successful Witch tends to be a successful person (even and especially if that success is simply appreciative satisfaction for what one has). And, most importantly, this shows a grave misunderstanding to the concept of sacrifice.

Creating a Wand by Ravenshadow
A wand is a tool used in Wicca and other forms of magick study. Its main purpose in any form is to center and focus energy. A wand can be useful in creating a circle, cleansing an object or area, protecting, defense, and, if necessary, to attack (but of course only as a defense mechanism.

Soulmates by Jeffrey Fritts
The majority of hopeless romantics out there believe in the concept of a soulmate - a single person who we are uniquely compatible with and for whom we're capable of feeling a deeper love than we are with any other human being. Being a hopeless romantic myself, this topic is near and dear to my heart - and a quest that I've personally explored for the majority of my life.

Little Witches by Jeffrey Fritts
I looked up from what I was doing. My daughter held a quartz crystal a friend of mine had given me long ago. I'm particularly picky about the stones I work with - either I connect with them or I don't - and in this case I had never been drawn to this particular stone's energy. So the piece of quartz had been passed onto my children, living life as a unicorn's horn before finding its way onto the corner of a bookshelf in their room.

Teen Witch by Orb Thesela
When I did pick it up again I found myself asking things about the book which I hadn't dreamed of thinking at the tender age of 14. So let me state now, what I tried to do with this was review the book and its contents fairly and impartially. I am not trying to insult Silver Ravenwolf nor am I trying to say she is Goddess's gift to Wicca.

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