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  1. For the most part no one representing owns the copyrights to any of this material. This does not make Xen a vile man, as he do not pretend to own the copyrights to any of this. If we are displaying something that you can prove you own and do not want displayed, write Xen and he will remove it immediately.
  2. Whenever possible, the author's or authors' names are displayed on the work. However, much of this came as a forward of a forward that has been circling the Internet since it was nothing more that gray text on a blue screen. If you know the name or names of the original author(s) of one of these works, please let Xen know.
  3. We welcome submissions of original work and Pagan-related forwards. Please submit them to Xen.
  4. Xen is wholly entitled to his opinions of these works and wont to give them. You, for your part, may completely ignore what Xen has to say. We provide these works, whether we agree with them or not, for general information and edification.
  5. We are providing these texts purely for entertainment or informational purposes. Certainly not so you can use any of it. In actually making use of any of this, you violate my explicit wishes and intent of this site. Anything you do, you are doing wholly of your own volition. We take no credit or blame about the efficacy of any information on this site. Use your own discretion. In other words, you have been duly warned so act like an intelligent adult and not a onus-evading, litigious toddler.

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