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The Oz Factor is a term used by Ufologist to designate the usual state accompanying a paranormal visitation. Witnesses will note that even the bird and insects seemed curiously silent just before the strange, four foot tall creature runs across the path or they first see the glowing mass of lights on the horizon.

The purpose of these pages is not to argue whether or not people or not people are genuinely experiencing something beyond their reckoning nor to nail down exactly what it is they are experiencing. I will offer you various theories and their accompanying arguments. I do not know the absolute truth, nor do I necessarily believe in all aspects of these theories and phenomena. You are free to make up your mind how you wish.

However, I feel it is na´ve at best to suggest that none of this is real. If these experiences are just hoaxes, they are the longest running hoaxes in the history of man and encompass people from all walks of life, from impoverished drunks as far as presidents of world powers.

Something is happening and I intend to help people cope with and, if they wish, prevent these events from occurring. We are not weak. We are not at the behest of events and entities beyond our control. We possess the tools within us to protect ourselves and others.

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Note: All advice is given for educational purposes only. No claim is made as to its efficacy. Xenex and its writers are not responsible for any effects caused by instituting this advice. Of course, UFOs and ghosts don't officially exist anyway, but that never stopped people from seeing them.

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