Thomm Quackenbush, author

Misadventures with Jesus 02

With you always... questioning your ability to roll a Shammy in Arena.

Hold on, guys; just give a minute to help Donna out on this end. That was three in a row, what the hell is going on?

I thought I did better that time. I kept Stormstrike up like you told me to. We just need to pick up the DPS on the healer and learn to hit our interrupt buttons. Hey Usla, don't make me come over there and teach you how to Psychic Scream.

Kiss my ass, Grandma.

Arena is about working together. We need the frost shock debuff on that rogue. He keeps ripping Usla apart. Keeping the rogue moving a bit slower will buy us some time to work on their healer. Bring down the healer and we win the game.

Well, thank you, Jesus, for Arena 101, do I have to remind you that I was perfectly happy grinding badges until you came up with this PVP idea? That rogue moves too fast, we need to line of sight the heals, let the rogue run after Usla while we work on their healer. You know what? I'm not going to waste my time with a eight hundred rating. I'm sick of both of you. I'm hitting up some random dungeons.

Let her go, Jesus. I've got a hunter with a spider pet lined up.

Spider pet? Did we hit the time warp, are we in fucking WSG? You can't be seriously considering bringing in a hunter.

Spiders own Rogues.

You know what? I'm going to roll an ally Death Knight and rape all of you in the eye sockets. How do you like them apples?

Way to walk away with your pride intact, Donna, you are making this decision much easier.

Screw you, Son of God, or should a call you "fail tank"? Here's a tip, when you roll protection warrior in arena, you are fucking doing it wrong. You are such a noob, Jesus.

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