Thomm Quackenbush, author

Inappropriate Use of Public Domain Pictures 14: Lightning Round!

Sweet Jesus, what sort of mad man would make an exhibit that shoots mace in your eyes?

This isn't helping. Christ, the water is making it worse.

Okay, if everyone has recovered, we're going to be moving on now.

Excuse me, it appears that my wife and I have gotten a bit turned around in your wonderful museum. Which way to the door, young man?

Oh no, I don't think so, Mr. Wilson. It's back to the euthanasia exhibit for the both of you.

Do you have something you want to tell the kids, Mr. Biggles?


Mr. Biggles?


It appears that Mr. Biggles has forgotten how to communicate, which means one of you has been thinking dirty thoughts again. Assume the position of revelation!

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