Thomm Quackenbush, author

Inappropriate Use of Public Domain Pictures 13

Why are we even out here?

You will see. I was up here before with Billy and came across these things. It is hard to explain. You want to get quiet now.

Tick tick tick tick tick

Reek reek reek

What the fuck are those things?

There are four of them now?

You know when you sound surprised, it is not exactly reassuring.

Look, when I was up here before, it was just the two, which means...

They are breeding.

Tick tick tick

Reek reek reek

Try not to not to make any noise, they do not seem to like it.

The one in front keeps looking at me; it feels like it is burning a hole in my soul.



Get it off of me.

Christ, I loved you. I have to go. I have to go.

They are raping my eyes. Their hook shaped penises are pushing into my brain.

Tick tick tick

Reek reek reek

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