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Inappropriate Use of Public Domain Pictures 12

Tell us a story, Master Frog.

Yes, tell us a story of the old days.

Very well, little ones, gather around closely. Long before the pond, there was the swamp. Before the swamp, there was a wide field of grass. Before I came to the land, it stood calling to our people.

Master Frog, how can that be? We allow the swamp to exist, do we not? The teachings tell us so.

We live in harmony with the Mother Swamp. Tomorrow, if we were to begin the great journey, Mother Swamp would provide for others.

What others? There is only our clan, only our beliefs. The teachings tell us so. If we were to leave the swamp, it would die. The others that came would only arrive to a barren wasteland. We are the beginning and the end of the cycle, to teach otherwise would be to teach against the Will of the Log.

The rules written on the log serve a different time, little one.

You speak of blasphemy.

"Blasphemy" is a horrid term used by those that seek the power of the swamp for their own means.

This is the teachings of a madman.

Cleanse him with fire!

Perhaps it is time I ruled our people, old one. The swamp, it calls for a new leader. I, with a heavy heart, take charge.

Little ones, would you allow this one to speak for you?

He speaks the truth!

The king is dead, long live the king.

Stevehen J. Warren is a trained professional in dealing with the crap society churns out. If possible, do not attempt to engage any crap you may find. He mocks it so you don't have to.

If you have a movie, picture, website, friend, game, book, fan fiction, or toilet you would like me to see, or crap all over, please inform your friendly webmaster and include your name and the name of the crappee. The numbers are open and we have trained professionals waiting to receive your call.

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