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Inappropriate Comic Book Splash Pages 10

Ghost of Christmas Present: It's Christmas time, Batman. Maybe you could drop the whole "inappropriate relationship with your father" visage long enough to appreciate those around you. It's the annual Justice League Christmas dinner. Heroes with only their love of collective cosplay and property damage have come together to celebrate a day some Jewish guy was born.

Batman: Why did you bring me here?

Ghost of Christmas Present: Every year, you're invited Batman and, every year, you avoid them, hiding in your sorrow and pain. Maybe, this year, it is time for you to change your perspective. Is your responsibility any greater than theirs, Dark Knight? Aquaman is the king of the seven seas, yet he manages to wipe off his irrelevance long enough to attend the gala. Don't even get me started on Plastic Man.

Batman: Wait, Red Tornado? Who the hell let that guy back in and why is he drinking?

Ghost of Christmas Present: Christmas is a joyous time for everyone.

Batman: No, he's a robot; pretty sure he shouldn't be drinking. This doesn't make sense. I thought he was a primal force or something, last time I checked primal forces don't get plastered.

Superman: Batman, is that you? Hey, why don't you come in and join the party, big guy?

Batman: He can see me?

Ghost of Christmas Present: Superman can do pretty much whatever he wants at this point. He more or less keeps the Justice League together for his own enjoyment. Years from now, John Byrne will get a hold of him and ruin the character, scaling down his powers and making him a boy scout. Later still, he'll go on to ruin the New Gods, but that's another story altogether.

Superman: You can bring your little friend in, too. Hal Jordan was just about to pretend he gave a crap about Coast City again.

Hal Jordan: The voices of them call... bullshit, I'm fucking insane.

Batman: This is madness.

Zatana: Namtab steg otni eht ytrap doom yb gintteg dekan.

Batman: Damn it. I hate all of you.

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