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Inappropriate Comic Book Splash Pages 7
The Alex Ross Edition

Gleek: Superman needs our help, guys. Let's show them the Wonder Twins are all about kicking ass. We got this Doomsday guy, no problem. For the Horde!

Zan: The talking monkey has a point, sis.

Jayna: Ready when you are, big brother.


Jayna: In form of an eagle.

Zan: In form of an ice giant that can breathe acid.

Jayna: Wait what? You can't...

Zan: Did I stutter? I want to be an ice giant that breathes freaking acid. How cool would that be?

Jayna: Well, then I'm turning into a fire breathing dragon.

Gleek: Guys? Superman is kind of getting his ass kicked over here. That thing is heading for those reporters.

Zan: Now you're just being childish.

Janya: Acid breathing giant Zan, how is that even remotely compatible to an eagle?

Gleek: Good save, Superman. Guys, we really have to get in there.

Zan: Talking monkey, shut the hell up. Look, this is the big time; we have to think outside of the box. This thing tore through the Justice League; you think turning into an eagle is evenly remotely helpful?

Janya: Eagles are one of the most dexterous animals in the world. Bet you didn't know that. Why do we have to have this conversation every time?

*Skrash* *Skrash*

Gleek: They're hitting each other so hard that windows are breaking.

Zan: I swear to God, monkey, say one more thing and I'll turn into an ice mist and cloud your lungs.

Jayna: You've gotten so dark with your transformations lately.

Zan: Maybe I'm tired of being an ice bridge.

Gleek: Guys Superman isn't moving, why is that reporter cradling Superman like that? Oh God, Superman must've collapsed her arms are trapped under him. She's going to bleed to death if we don't do something. Guys? *cough* Zan, you bastarddd.

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