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The wish list from this site failed to include a few critical needs: compassion, common sense, wisdom, empathy, social skills, self esteem. Xen's ability to function in an appropriate social environment is severely impacted by what exists of a barely-intact personality. If I were Xen I'd move to Kansas and run for the school board; I'd fit right in.

Dude, seriously? It's, as Xen points out, "a column called Enviable Fetus that responds to odd search results in a tongue-in-cheek manner." Enviable Fetus!!! But you chose to ignore Xen's qualification of the article and instead attacked him based on his opinion of an admittedly select group of people.

I love how people aren't allowed to have opinions anymore. Nor are they allowed to acknowledge stereotypes. And Xen actually has the gall to hypothesize about why a morbidly obese person may find Wicca an attractive religion! Wouldn't it make sense that the person he describes gravitate towards a religion that is more "forgiving" of size? Especially when they are desperate and lonely?

But no, mention the topic of obesity and he is all of a sudden morally bound to get into the discussion of all the serious problems it entails. We need to be gentle; we need to talk about Columbine, self esteem, bullying, acceptance; we need to examine the social conditions that cause and result from obesity; we need to make sure everyone reading knows we feel sorry for these people. I don't know that Xen would ever write that article. You are more than welcome to. It's been done to death by now I'm sure but it's a very important issue. I'd write it if I was a good writer, but I'm not. I'm an angry Jew who has trouble articulating her thoughts, but one who is almost always grammatically accurate (and that's without the use of the grammar tool)!

Obesity and the social and health problems it presents is a profound topic. If Xen were to write an article about that, I'm sure it would be chock full of the sensitivity, tactfulness, and insight that such a grave topic entails. I doubt it would appear under "Enviable Fetus."

This is not an article that warrants any more empathy than it gives. It's not a deep examination into the serious problem of morbid obesity, nor an examination into the psychological problems that obesity causes. It's Xen's opinion. He admittedly appreciates people of all shapes and sizes, so let's not label him too insensitive either. Get a grip, ok?

By the way, Xen is so full of personality that it leaks out of his pores…it's quite gross. It gets all over you and you have the uncanny urge to be sarcastic and poetic. I fail miserably at the latter but like to think I have a knack for the former. Anyway, Don't Be h8n.

Angela is an artist in the truest sense of the word, though particularly artful when it comes to telling you how lame you are for writing hate mail.

Don't Be H8n!
Don't Be H8n!

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