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Subject: Hey there, dick sh'it.

It's me dude,
I love your little "justify your crap" page, you must be there one person on the net who actually still reads my sh'it, lol.
F.Y.I. I don't write on the site anymore, I don't even think about that sh'it anymore. Vampyres was a phase thing I went through, been over that gay-ass sh'it since like two years ago.
I'm 21 years old dude, my writing is much better now, I have no real need to prove anything to your bitch-ass, much less justify my crap.
It is crap, but I was 16 when I wrote it! I have no idea why you are still trying to slander my shit, but get a fucking life dude, how old are you anyway?
I'm so sick of these fuckin internet dweebs typing insult after insult as fast as they can, GO GET A FUCKING LIFE! BITCH ASS MAORFUKKA!!
I'm not even trippin though, I don't really care what you say. If you really want to keep posting shit about me thats fuckin fine dog, whatevers.
I think you are right about most of what you said anyway.
That sh'it was pretty lame.
Fuck the vampyre scene dog, I'm not even gothed out anymore, I found God. If you know whats best for you you'll do the same. You can think I'm gay or stupid or a sell-out or whatever, but I'm goin to heaven when I die, and youre not.


You think you know and you know you think,

and in circles you go,

just like the rest of these people!

Have a really great day *I mean night man.

Wow, you are so profound. I'm glad to see that at a budding 21, you grew up so much from your… let's see… "gothed out" scene. And yes, your writing did improve significantly. In fact, I know an up-and-coming writer whose style and grammar are quite similar to yours. He's due for parole any day now, so you two can get together and exchange ghetto-profanities.

And I'm happy that you found God and are en route to heaven. Calling people "BITCH ASS MAORFUKKA" is a good start. As a semi-religious Jew myself, I think I remember something in Psalms about the revelation that takes place when one grows out of Goth and finds God. I hear it can be quite a catharsis. Yes, I said catharsis. And what?

One observation, if I may: For someone who claims not to give a sh'it about someone else writing about them, you come off as a tad defensive. Perhaps on your new, enlightened path, you will soon discover that love and forgiveness is probably a better bet than the animosity you seem to be harboring. I don't think Jesus would have called someone "dick sh'it." I could be wrong. In fact, let me put this on a level that you would understand better. DON'T BE H8N, MO FO!

Angela is an artist in the truest sense of the word, though particularly artful when it comes to telling you how lame you are for writing hate mail.

Don't Be H8n!
Don't Be H8n!

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