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Tax Cuts

Okay, so Bush signed a huge tax cut into law this week. And I mean HUGE, $69 Billion to be exact. Everyone got their taxes cut, that's great; it'll spur the economy like it's done so well in the past and it's not like we have anything large, expensive, and pointless going on right now. What a relief, all is right with the word!

Oh, when I said everyone got their taxes cut, I might have been exaggerating. There is one group of people who got their taxes tripled, yes TRIPLED. Let's play a guessing game! Big oil companies, you say? No, certainly not them. People who make more than $1 million a year? No, that would just be silly! Companies who have been using tax shelters in foreign countries to avoid paying US taxes? Wrong again, my friend. For all you people who shouted out "Teenagers saving for college!" give yourselves a big round of applause because that is the group of people that are lucky enough to have their taxes raised by the tax cut. Hm, raised by a cut… wait…what? My head hurts…

"...[T]he last thing we want is kids saving money"

I mean this makes total sense, the last thing we want is kids saving money. That might prevent them from getting into huge amounts of debt to federal college loans, I mean think of all the interest that would be lost if kids could actually pay for college. Debt is also good for the economy because… um… it just is okay, asking questions is unpatriotic so stop it. And luckily if any of you out there dare to be unpatriotic about this and express your crazy communist ideas on the phone, the government will know about it. Yet another reason why I can sleep better at night. THANK YOU, PATRIOT ACT!

And just because Bush promised to veto any bill that included any tax increase on anyone and signed this one anyway doesn't make him a liar, it makes him a great leader. Great leaders think on their feet and ignore any promises they made to get reelected. I mean why should he bother? It's not like he can run again because of that pesky term limits law. Hey, maybe he'll do something about that next! That would rock!

Okay, enough sarcasm. Honestly, I feel like bashing my head against the wall. I picked this issue to write about because all the other things floating in my head would probably get me a visit from the FBI, Secret Service, or CIA if I wrote them down in a public forum. Yes I know the CIA only deals with foreign affairs but let me have my little conspiracy theory dreams, okay?

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