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Stupid Kids

I just read an article about a teacher who is in trouble for taping a few kids' mouths shut in her class. Now I am 100% positive that she got in trouble because an overly-involved, overprotective mother found out that someone put her poor little poopsie-pie through some thing that made him/her slightly not happy and god forbid that should happen. I am so sick of parents now a days, it is their god damn fault that their little brats are incapable of shutting their mouths for longer than 30 seconds and when someone finally tries to teach the child the proper way to behave they freak out, try to get people fired, and I am sure a lawsuit will ensue.

Kids today are spoiled little brats who are constantly taught that they are not responsible for their own actions. People want to blame TV and music and video games for every bad thing kids do. People blame McDonald's because kids are fat. Sorry people but letting your lazy little Joey sit in front of the TV for 7 hours a day is why he's fat and stop buying him McDonald's even though he whines and cries and begs for it.

When I worked at the A&P, I was shocked at what kids got away with, yelling, cursing, and one damn kid even hit the buttons on my cash register and 95% of the time the parents just laughed and the other 5% of the time the parents told the kids I would yell at them if they didn't stop, like I should raise their kids for them because I get paid minimum wage and ring up their groceries. But I'll have you know that I refused to take off the item that the kid "accidentally" added to his mother's order, he had already been told by her once not to touch the register, if she was a good mother he wouldn't have done it again, not my problem. Another parent laughed when their stupid ass kid called 911 from the payphone and hung up. I personally think that Mom should have told Little Sweetheart that the police were going to come and arrest him for falsely reported a crime and let his sweet little mind mull that over for a few minutes before letting him know that the police decided to let him off this time but next time, it's off to jail for him.

Another thing, kids shouldn't have cell phones. They just shouldn't. I didn't get a cell phone until I could afford to pay for it myself and those little brats should have it the same way. Billions of kids survived just fine without having cell phones prior to the year 2003, they can still do it. And all of these "safety precautions" for kids is making it so they don't learn not to do things. When I was a kid if I did something and it hurt I was much less likely to do it again in the future. Kids now aren't learning these valuable lessons. What they are learning is that it should be the focus of everyone's life other than their own to keep them safe. Yeah, good lesson.

Okay now to my point on how to stop this. People need to hit their kids. Now mind you, I didn't say BEAT their kids. Child abuse is wrong but every kid needs a smack upside the head once in a while. And don't give me this "CPS will take them away" bullshit. I work in Social Services and unfortunately people have to do HORRIBLE things to their children before anyone considers taking them away. Oh and I love it when parents say their kids threaten to call CPS if they touch them, I hope my kids pull that one day because I will hand them a phone and tell them to go to town but I will also describe the Foster Care system to them and what it is like to live in a group home because I've seen it and it sucks on levels I didn't think were possible. Kids need to get hit, it doesn't have to happen often, just enough so that they know the threat is there. When I was little, my Mother only had to look at me when I was doing something wrong because I knew that if I kept going, I'd get hit. 9 times out of 10, the actual hitting wasn't necessary, just the fact that I knew it COULD happen was enough. Kids need to fear repercussions of their actions, which is the sole reasons kids don't do bad things because come on, bad things are fun.

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