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Russian Visit

President Bush is currently in Russia in order to embarrass the US while on foreign soil… I mean to have diplomatic meetings probably about the global fight against terrorism because that seems to be the only reason President Bush would lower himself to talking to those filthy, non-Americans. I assume that the meeting between Bush and Putin will be uncomfortable, to put it mildly, as Bush has taken recently to being a bit outspoken about some of Russia's policies. Though I have to say both Presidents are hiding their mutual distrust well in their public appearances together. Now I am not saying Bush has no right to be upset that Russia sold missiles to Syria, but I do find a bit of amusement in the fact that Bush can criticize other countries and seems surprised when they don't change their procedures according to America's will but when our allies do it to us, we get "Freedom Fries."

I also find it laughable that Bush is accusing Putin of moving his country away from democracy. Last time I checked Bush has done more to hurt our "democracy" than any other President, but not as much as the American people seem to be doing themselves. With Republicans holding both Houses and the highly conservative court nominees that these elected officials get to name, we have thrown checks and balances out the window, which is a necessity of a so-called democracy. Now this one isn't Bush's fault, it's your blunder. That's right America, it's your fault and you seem to be pretty happy about it so I hope you enjoy it as I curl up in a little ball and wait for WWIII. But back to what Bush has done to destroy democracy. Okay we had one obviously fixed election in 2000 and I am highly suspicious that the 2004 election wasn't on the up and up either. That seems to be spitting in the face of democracy and it was Bush himself that said a dictatorship would be easier, so long as he was the dictator. I am simply pointing out that Dictator Bush is not the person who should be accusing democratic countries like Russia of moving away from egalitarianism. Democracy also involves a free press and instead of going into a long winded explanation about how it is obvious that we do not have this, I simply ask you to turn on FOX News, watch for 15 minutes, then beat yourself upside the head if you believed one thing they said. Then there's the Patriot Act, 'nuff said - moving on…

The US is also in a huff about Russia selling missiles to Syria. I really don't know what to think about that because I am pretty sure that Syria is on the list of countries we will invade next so don't they have a right to arm themselves? Then again I am both a bleeding heart Liberal and a tree hugging hippy so I don't think anyone should have any weapons but I know that's not possible, if we got rid of all the weapons in the world someone would use a board with a nail in it and then make bigger boards with bigger nails, I saw that episode of The Simpsons and pretty much the same episode of The Family Guy. I get all my life lessons from one of those two shows. So I guess I am just pleading ignorance on this topic because I can't get beyond the fact that no one should have any missiles, except me, so I can use them on New Jersey, but that's a whole separate issue involving my unexplained hatred of that state. God how I hate that state…

Bush is also angry about how Russia is treating the now independent countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. He feels that Putin is taking steps that would stifle the growth of democracy in these newly formed nations and is encouraging Putin to take a step back. So I would like to take this opportunity to request that President Bush take a step back from other countries in order to let them for their governments in whatever form they choose without US involvement. It is so funny how duplicitous the president is and how I cannot picture him giving a good reason as to why we can do things while others can't. Nor could I imagine a member of our "free press" presenting him with a question that would at least give him an opportunity to do so.

My intent in writing this was not to defend Russia, or say that they are doing good things for their people or the surrounding countries. I just wanted to point out that not only does the US police the world, but we are also hypocritical as we do it. I never expect our government or our leaders to be perfect but we can do better than this. I don't even blame our leaders; we elected them or allowed them to be elected due to our own apathy and or laziness. Wait, I take that back a little, I do blame Bush for a lot of the things he does. Sorry, I tried to be neutral but it didn't work. God how I hate that man…

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