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The Right Wing Extremist Christians Are Sick Sex Fiends

Hard core Christians are so obsessed with sex that it makes pro-porn, highly promiscuous people like me blush. They find anything--and I mean ANYTHING--to be of a sexual nature and usually a gay sexual nature. I am referring to the recent anger from the Christians that Sponge Bob is gay. What? Sponge Bob? How much of a deviant do you have to be to see a cartoon character as gay? And this isn't the first time these perverts have gotten their latent homosexual rocks off on cartoons, they did it to Bert and Ernie and that stupid purple Teletubbie. I am starting to have issue with this. If Christians are so anti-gay and anti-sex, why do they constantly make such things news worthy? Do they realize that they are introducing the thought of homosexuality to children who would have never even known what it was? And I suppose their theory is that if Sponge Bob is gay then we will have a whole generation of children who will be gay because they were exposed to so much gayness early in life. Seems perfectly logical to me. Sponge Bob is probably sending subliminal messages to children telling them to be gay. They are also mad that Sponge Bob is featured in a video that encourages children to be tolerant of all people. That sick bastard. I bet if Sponge Bob had his way we would love and care about each other regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender. Now THAT is a world I certainly don't want to be a part of! Come on people, get it together. I have nothing against religious people per se; I have a problem when people use their religion to preach hate. No God or Gods are pro-hate and we need to stop acting like God/Gods hate certain people. There is so much intolerance in the world and people are spending their time and energy to try and turn something as innocent as a children's cartoon into something else they can't tolerate. It is scary to think how sexual these people must be to find everything to be about sex. They are hypocrites.

And we are talking about a CARTOON here people, have the Christians solved huge problems such as world hunger and poverty that they now have time to search the airwaves for anything that could be construed as inappropriate in their sick minds? I certainly have much more pressing issues to concern myself with than whether or not Sponge Bob and Patrick sleep in the same bed at night. It is pathetic that in America, during a war, after a devastating train crash, after an unfathomable tsunami, and while more and more journalists are taking money to promote the President's views, the fact that Sponge Bob is gay is considered news. Our country needs to get its priorities straight. While this news story was on the list of top news on AOL, a little girl was stabbed to death in a school near where I live, elections are about to begin in Iraq, and some Asshole tried to kill himself by train in California and wound up killing at least 11 people. But GOD FORBID Sponge bob is gay. And what if he is? What does that change? Nothing. But some people in this country are so self absorbed in pushing their religious views on other people that they view it to be important above all else. I have said it before and I will say it again, everyday I find new ways to be ashamed that I am American and I blame people like this for it. But now I will also point out that I could have written a piece about any one of the issues I just named but I didn't. I wrote about Sponge Bob being gay and my only saving grace is that at least I admit I am a hypocrite.

By the way, I hate Sponge Bob and think it is one of the worst cartoons ever. Stupid gay sponge.

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