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The Republican Argument

I've gotten a wee bit annoyed by some of the responses I have gotten from my past essays. Most of these responses are not very well thought out and just contain propaganda. Mostly the annoying comments are from republicans. I am sick of spending all of my time researching ways to prove them wrong so I am going to just give up, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. I will play by their rules.
  1. The death penalty is wrong. Why is it wrong? Because I said it is and I should have the power to force my ethical, moral, and religious beliefs on everyone in this country.
  2. The war in Iraq is wrong and there are no weapons of mass destruction. I have proof of the lack of weapons but I am not going to show you any of this proof because the fact that I am saying there is evidence should be enough. If you are one of those people who want to keep pushing to see this evidence, well then, you are unpatriotic and hate America.
  3. Gay Marriage should be allowed because straight marriage scares me. If you don't agree with me 100% percent on this then the terrorists have won.
  4. Marijuana should be legal but ignore that only pay attention to the fact that the terror alert level has been raised to orange and THIS time we know where they are going to attack. Proof, you want proof? Well then you are a fascist republican. You also still hate America and are unpatriotic. Uh oh, and I think I hear terrorists winning every time you question what I do or say.
  5. There should be universal health care because.. wait.. did you hear that? Oh my God, it's terrorists, everyone be really afraid and cease all semblances of a normal life.
  6. Stem cell research is a good thing because I get a lot of money from people who agree with it so therefore it must be right.
  7. The Social Security system should be changed in order to ensure that it does not go bankrupt in 10 years because I have to retire in 40 years and all that matters is how comfortable I am.
  8. The terrorists are going to attack be afraid the Department of Homeland Security will protect us Constant paranoia is needed Bush's tax cuts should be repealed Weapons of mass destruction 9/11 9/11 .. Remember 9/11 Never think about anything but how dangerous life is now.
  9. Bush is a racist and has burned crosses with the KKK; I have 5 of my closest friends right here who were there when he did it and will vouch for what I just said.
Well, that was the easiest thing I ever had to write, maybe those conservatives have the right idea about how to argue their points in a clear, intelligent, fact based manner.

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