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Gay Marriage

I received an E-mail asking me what I thought about gay marriage. I have extremely strong opinions on this subject and this writing contains a lot of intense emotional ideas. I will be honest, I am angry, very angry and it shows. I am not necessarily proud of how I convey my ideas in the proceeding essay, but I am proud of the message. Although anger has fogged my written words, keep in mind that I wrote with my heart and not my head.

This essay contains strong language that may not be suitable for children (or republicans). Read at your own risk.

So Gay Marriage… Lots of talk about this one, a lot of crap streaming out of our President's mouth on this subject. There's talk of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, an amendment? Really? Should a ban on gay marriage be listed along with such things as women's suffrage and the abolishment of slavery? Is our President ACTUALLY considering this? Is this 1908? I am confused, what the hell is happening when a sitting President can not only make prejudice remarks but actually suggest that the United States force prejudiced laws on its citizens? Will there be an amendment to ban inter-racial marriages next? Why is it still legal to marry your cousin in some states? Now an amendment against THAT, I would support!

I am shocked and appalled that Bush is doing this and even more stunned and dismayed that people are supporting it. I would like to pose the question to those small minded, intolerant people: Why? And don't give me any of that sanctity of marriage, against nature, or religious bullshit either because we all know there are a million arguments against all those reasons. I want someone to come forward and just speak the truth about this. I want all you bible thumping rednecks to say the genuine reason you oppose gay marriage. Go ahead, say it! You are ignorant bigots who fear anything that is not like you. That is the one and only reason for all of this. I am not going to use this space to defend Gay Marriage, any reasonably intelligent person knows full well why Gay Marriage should be legal; I am going to use this space to encourage all you anti-gay idiots to embrace your stupidity. I want to hear a speech by President Bush that says "Yes, people of America, I am an ignorant hick who is borderline mentally retarded and I only got this job because my Daddy was President once and my Brother was governor of the state I lost and I want a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage because I hate anyone who isn't exactly like me. That's also the reason I am waging war on the whole Middle East, you see, they have a different skin color than me and that means they deserve to die." I just want to hear him say it! It is the reason for everything he has done. And all of you out there who support him and his stupidity, read your bibles a bit closer next time, because based on your own beliefs, you're all going to hell for your hate mongering and I, for one, hope you burn well.

I am so angry at the people of this country that I can barely string three words together, its as though I am getting dumber just thinking about these people. Thank God (My God, not your god, because my God doesn't discriminate like yours does) that we have politicians like Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, New York and Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, California who are willing to take things into their own hands and try and put a stop to the discrimination that has faced gay couples for far too long. If only we had a Presidential candidate with their courage and convictions, but we don't. None of the nominees who have even a slight chance at taking the White House back from the Conservatives (Fascists) are brave enough to stand up for gay rights. It's a sad, sad time for people with IQs of more than 85.

So in conclusion the country of America should be ashamed of its self and Canada should take us over. If this amendment, I don't even like calling it that, it sounds too intelligent for what it is, I will call it a Blithering Idiot Clause, so if this Blithering Idiot Clause actually passes Congress, I will move to Canada where I will have a lesbian wedding with marijuana legally given out as a party favors and we will all give thanks that we have free health insurance and that we are not part of an unjust war. And to you Mr. Bush: I have never been so ashamed to be an American than during the past year and its all thanks to you. To save yourself and all of us from further embarrassment you should resign as soon as possible and run hiding with your tail between your legs.

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