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2005 Budget

Bush has released his budget for the nation. Now this oughta be good… Remember Republicans pride themselves on not being like "tax and spend" democrats and I agree whole heartedly with that; they don't tax and but still spend. Ahh, I love the logic. It appears, though this might just be an opinion of mine (I am full of those sorts of things), that Republicans like to spend money that we don't have and get the US into severe debt in order to… um I have no idea, just for the hell of it I suppose. They seems to think that tax cuts are good because they spur the economy which then leads to the country getting out of debt, and we all see how well that has worked for the past 4 years and how great it worked during the 80's. Am I the only one who can see a pattern? Now that I have summed up Republican economics let's move on to what exactly this budget entails…

For starters, cuts, cuts, and more cuts. But the cuts are for frivolous things that no one really needs anyway like Homeland Security (State funding not federal, that will increase, wire taps for all!!!) and education. Totally dispensable things really, I mean Bush CREATED the department of Homeland Security, it should be someone else's job to PAY for it, shouldn't? I wonder if I can write anything that isn't obscenely sarcastic. Funding was also cut to airports, limiting the amount of money that could be spent on repairs and upkeep. Is this really a good idea? Does that big fence that keeps people away from runways count as upkeep? I hope not because I don't like the thought of just anyone being able to walk up to a plane and do God knows what to it because, if I remember correctly, planes are a favorite target of those pesky terrorists that want to kill us all. But don't worry, the White House said that airports could make up for this by charging passengers more. So our taxes get cut and other stuff gets more expensive and we end up with the same amount of money but it just takes a little longer to get there. Hmm, I am confused.

There will be an increase in the Defense budget, of course. I feel that educating our children is slightly more important than buying more bombs because if we have smarter kids, we will soon have smarter adults, and smart people tend to avoid war and use more intellectual solutions to problems (i.e. Bush = stupid = war). This does not by any means suggest that I think we should not provide our military personnel with everything and anything that would keep them safer. I think that the Defense budget could remain the same and our troops could get better equipment if we just rearrange things a bit in the already existing budget. It can be done; I am not sure how though because, for some reason, no one at the Pentagon saw fit to send me an itemized budget but I am sure it could be tweaked.

The budget also would make Bush's tax cuts permanent. Oh sweet Jesus, please save us from this man… I am scared of this, terrified if you will. Making a huge tax break for the rich permanent? This does not benefit anyone making average or bellow average pay in any major way. Yeah my paycheck went up too with the tax cuts, by a whopping $3 every two weeks, yay $76 more a year! Whatever will I do with money? Oh, yeah, I donated it to the Democratic Party but I would have been okay with that money going to fund education or Section 8 housing.

Just so you know, Section 8 housing or HUD is government funds used to pay part of the rent for low income and disabled people and families so they don't have to live on the streets or in dangerous housing. This program has been cut so much by the Bush administration already that there is a freeze on the program and no one can utilize it. Now I know people's arguments to this is that they shouldn't have to pay for other people's housing, those people should work and pay for it on their own. I will only briefly say that some of these people can't work -- whether it's because of a disability, handicap, or the need to take care of their children -- but I doubt that anyone who would dismiss the needs homeless people so quickly would care very much why these people are homeless and I will talk more about how this directly affects you snooty people who don't want to help anyone. A lot of the mentally ill use section 8 to get housing, without section 8 housing, these "crazy" people will be on the streets. People living on the streets have more important things to worry about than taking their medication, this makes them crazier. Now we have a bunch of non-medicated mentally ill people roaming the streets, or more specifically your street. Wouldn't you rather these people were in a low quality apartment on the other side of town? I bet you would. I bet you'd even be okay with spending some of your money to keep people like that out of your sight.

Of course, Environmental programs are on the chopping block because who needs air when you have nuclear weapons just itching to be dropped on those countries fill with those brown people? Clean up of polluted areas would be stopped but even this wouldn't have needed to be funded by taxpayers if Bush had left the Superfund alone. The Superfund was a program that made polluting businesses pay a special tax that went into a fund that was in turn used to clean up pollution that was caused by these businesses. Bush cut this program because he wanted to give tax relief to big businesses. That proves, unequivocally, that Bush cares more about businesses than people and I dare anyone to argue me on that point. So now business doesn't have to pay to clean up after itself and the American people will no longer pay for clean up, so now no one is going to clean anything up. This even directly affects Bush's backyard because the clean up of Chesapeake Bay was cut. Writing this all out is making me physically ill.

The budget also doesn't take into account the cost of the war in Iraq, which is now up to a modest $154,329,665,000. That's practically nothing. It also didn't take into account the huge cost of privatizing Social Security. I notice another pattern here; Bush proposes a lot of things yet never plans on how to pay for it. Iraq, Social Security, Homeland Security, and No Child Left Behind are just a few examples. Does he understand the concept of paying for things? Maybe he led a little too spoiled of a lifestyle to be President if he doesn't understand that stuff costs money. All stuff.

And the majority of Americans actually voted for this man. Again, I ask why because no one has given me a specific answer to any of the questions that I proposed on Election Night. At this rate I am going to have a whole lot more "why" questions if this administration continues on the path it's on, which I am 110% sure it will.

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