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113 Reasons to Vote for Kerry

In one of my past posts I stated that I had made a list of 101 reasons to vote for Kerry but I decided not to put it up because I decided that I was going to vote Green Party. Yeah well, we all have our moments of bad decisions right? I am going to vote for Kerry and it's not just because of the Anyone but Bush theory. After seeing Senator Kerry in the Debates and doing some more research, I see now that Kerry would make a great President. So here is my list of 101 reasons to vote for Kerry which is now longer than 101 reasons. Keep in mind some of the reasons are just reasons not to vote for Bush and aren't specifically good things about Kerry. PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2ND!!!

One Hundred and Something Reasons To Vote for John Kerry

  1. He's not President Bush.
  2. He is a war hero.
  3. After he was a war hero he spoke out about the unjustness of that same war.
  4. He did not skirt serving his country.
  5. He thinks Republican's are liars.
  6. He wants to get out of Iraq sooner and therefore limit causalities.
  7. He doesn't want to just pull out of Iraq and leave them to a bloody civil war but wants to speed up the independence process and leave Iraq not only strong but an ally of the United states.
  8. Kerry realizes that if you give poverty stricken children a good education, there will be less poverty.
  9. He wants to increase national AND GLOBAL funding to help stop AIDS.
  10. Kerry wants to work to create better opportunities for Disabled Americans to live more productive lives.
  12. He wants to ensure civil rights are respected for disabled Americans.
  13. Better education for disabled individuals.
  14. Improving Section 8 and HUD housing for the poor and disabled.
  15. No more tax cuts for the rich.
  16. Yes, we will have a tax increase. Hello? We have a record deficit! Do you think it would just magically disappear? Accept the fact that we all have to give a little more to bring America back to the way it should be.
  17. Mandatory funding for Veteran's heath care. They fought for our freedom, shouldn't we keep them healthy?
  18. Keeping and strengthening Medicaid. I work with people on Medicaid, they need these benefits or they might not take their meds and THAT would be very very bad, trust me.
  19. A prescription drug plan that benefits seniors instead of the drug companies that give millions to Bush's campaign. Clean up the White House, eh Mr. Bush? Indeed.
  20. Create a greater federal role in equitably financing and enhancing the quality and appropriateness of all long-term services. Have you ever been to a long term mental institution or nursing home? They suck and we need to fix that.
  21. Bill Clinton supports him and, admit it, Bill Clinton ROCKS!
  22. He will fight to pass full mental health parity legislation.
  23. John Kerry will reinstate the Executive Order by President Clinton to hire 100,000 qualified individuals with disabilities as federal employees over five years.
  24. He will ensure that people with disabilities are represented through his Administration.
  25. John Kerry pushes for and supports head start and early education programs for children.
  26. He wants to give more money to schools, wow what a novel idea.
  27. John Kerry supports alternative education for High School students who do not want to pursue a degree but want to learn a trade. Hey, High School and College are right for ALL of us.
  28. Kerry has a plan entitled "End the Era of Ashcroft" and anything anti-Ashcroft has to be good.
  29. Kerry will nominate Supreme Court judges that uphold Civil Rights rather than do away with them. Have you actually read the Patriot Act? ITS FREAKIN' SCARY!
  30. John wants to end the gap in earnings between men and women and trust me, its one hell of a gap.
  31. Kerry will analyze the election process in order to ensure that no one can steal the Presidency… again.
  32. Two words - Election Reform
  33. He supports efforts to provide equal justice for all victims of hate violence, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender or disability.
  34. John Kerry is a cosponsor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which extends and strengthens the right of Americans to work in discrimination-free workplaces, regardless of sexual orientation.
  35. John Kerry received a 100 percent rating from the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People and the Human Rights Campaign for his work in support of civil rights during the 107th Congress.
  36. He wants to give a larger tax break for those people paying college tuition.
  37. Kerry wants to stop the exorbitant rise in tuition costs.
  38. John Kerry wants to bring information technology to the war on Terror, maybe then we can avoid jumping to conclusions and going to war to find non-existent WMDs.
  39. Kerry wants to make our bridges, tunnels, and private infrastructure safe from terrorist attack and what happened in Spain is a prime example on what can happen when soft targets are attacked.
  40. Mr. Kerry wants there to be background checks for people who buy guns at gun shows. How scary is it that this isn't in place already? Oh yeah I know why, the NRA gives Bush lots and lots of money…
  41. John Kerry was an original cosponsor of the Violence Against Women Act, which has provided over $1 billion for battered women's shelters, hotlines, and other crucial resources.
  42. John Kerry supports a crime prevention system that provides adequate resources for the police and courts to deal with criminals and also provides adequate resources to raise healthy children and to reclaim the young adults who slipped off the edge due to adult neglect, but who are still craving a better life.
  43. John wants to end the practice of moving jobs out of the country to avoid high taxes by providing tax breaks for manufacturing companies.
  44. $5 billion to stop state cuts in health care that hurt workers and patients and $5 billion for homeland security to stem layoffs of police officers and fire fighters.
  45. John Kerry will create a new "State Tax Relief and Education Fund" that will help states so they don't have to make cuts that hurt our economy with an additional $50 billion over two years. This fund will stop the education cuts, tuition increases and tax and fee raising that are inhibiting our economic growth and causing layoffs.
  46. John Kerry has the novel idea that low income families and families raising children should not be taxed as much as multi-millionaires.
  47. Kerry wants big businesses like Enron to stop breaking the law and cheating hard working middle class American's out of pension's, retirement benefits, and making them pay way too much for health care benefits.
  48. He will stop corporations from keeping Bank Accounts in Countries like Bermuda to Avoid Paying Taxes. Do you know how much tax revenue that would bring to our country? Do you know how many wonderful programs that could pay for? Do you know how much less tax money from individuals we would need then?
  49. Kerry supports raising the minimum wage!
  50. John Kerry will fight to ensure that overtime pay is protected, unlike a certain President I know.
  51. John Kerry believes that we need a smaller and smarter government that wastes less money. He has put forward a sensible plan that will at least cut the deficit in half in his first term, while investing in economic growth and investing in workers.
  52. Kerry will repeal Bush's special tax breaks for Americans who make more than $200,000.
  53. John Kerry supports a proposal that will allow undocumented immigrants to legalize their status if they have been in the United States for a certain amount of time, have been working, and can pass a background check.
  54. John Kerry outlined a three-point plan today to make kids safer and healthier and assure they enter school ready to learn. His plan includes a new Kids Safety Effort requiring safety labels for food allergens and mandatory testing of prescription drugs used for treating children; setting comprehensive standards for early childhood education; and providing health insurance for every child in America.
  55. John Kerry is proposing an Education Trust Fund that makes sure - with mandatory funding - that we meet the promises in the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  56. Kerry wants to pay public school teachers more.
  57. Kerry doesn't believe in the one-size fits all testing that was put in place by the No Child Left Behind Act.
  58. Kerry wants smaller class sizes especially in the lower grades.
  59. Kerry wants to fund repairs on our schools. I went to a school that was crumbling, had asbestos, and water that could not be drank right out of the tap. Believe me, that does not promote a good learning environment.
  60. John Kerry has outlined a comprehensive energy plan that will tap America's initiative and ingenuity to strengthen our national security, grow our economy, and protect our environment.
  61. John Kerry has a plan that would fund young people's college education in exchange for things like educating children, building housing, helping seniors, and improving homeland security. I dare someone to tell me a bad part about that?
  62. Kerry wants to promote tribal sovereignty among Native Americans and provide improved health care and education in the Reservations. We owe a lot to the people that we stole this land from and although this certainly doesn't cover it, it is at least a step in the right direction.
  63. Kerry has a plan to increase our energy independence by tapping clean alternative energy sources.
  64. John Kerry recognizes urban sprawl as a problem and wants to fund communities in or to give them the means to address it.
  65. Kerry wants to re-invigorate the Superfund cleanup program in order to keep our communities safe and environmentally friendly. Let me explain what the Super Fund USED to be. Industries that were large polluters had to pay extra taxes that were put in the Superfund that was then used to clean up areas that were destroyed by pollution like radioactive sites, AKA New Jersey. Bush changed that and now you and I pay taxes to contribute to the Superfund instead of the industries that created the problem. So big businesses taxes went down. That makes sense right? Right?!?! Oh, wait, no not at all.
  66. John Kerry will make environmental justice a national priority. He will create Environmental Empowerment Zones to ensure that environmental justice is considered in decisions that affect these communities and, more importantly, to empower communities from the ground up for positive change.
  67. John Kerry will enter into a "Conservation Covenant" with the American people to tread lightly on the public lands and protect and restore our nation's parks and other treasures for the benefit of future generations.
  68. Kerry will undo the damage that Bush/Cheney have done to the Clean Air Act.
  69. John Kerry recognizes that Global Warming is a Global problem and last time I checked, the USA was on my globe.
  70. The Clean Water Act hasn't done much since Bush became President because he and his Enron/oil/energy buddies didn't view it as a way to make even more money and John Kerry is going to change that.
  71. Most of the world's foreign governments don't hate Kerry and wish to see him dead.
  72. John Kerry will finish the job in Afghanistan, ensure that the country is independent, free, and avoid leaving behind an environment that will breed more hatred of America, like we are doing in Iraq.
  73. Hey, remember back in the day, when Clinton was President and Israel and Palestine were meeting in Washing DC and working through their problems, and their leaders were shaking hands on TV, and no one was killing each other, well, yeah Kerry is going to make that memory be a reality again.
  74. John Kerry won't send our young men and women into a useless war then cut military funding to things like veteran's health care and military housing. I guess that making life far more difficult for our troops is George's way of saying "thanks".
  75. John Kerry sponsored the Code of Conduct of Arms Transfers Act, legislation that would prohibit U.S. military assistance and arms transfers to nations that are undemocratic, do not adequately protect the human rights of their citizens, or engage in acts of armed aggression. You know those countries like Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan that we sold arms to so they could use them against us and other innocent people, those kinds of countries.
  76. He fought against withdrawal from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
  77. Senator Kerry supported legislation providing American expertise and funding to the nations of the former Soviet Union to help secure nuclear stockpiles. Do we really just want to hope that other countries will not sell or lose weapons that could fall into terrorists' hands?
  78. Kerry authored the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS bill to ever pass the senate.
  79. John Kerry believes that same-sex couples should be granted rights, including access to pensions, health insurance, family medical leave, bereavement leave, hospital visitation, survivor benefits, and other basic legal protections that all families and children need.
  80. John Kerry never suggested that there should be sickeningly prejudiced AMENDMENT to the fvcking CONSITUTION that would make it necessary for all of the government to be bigoted against gay and lesbian AMERICANS by denying them BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS like getting married.
  81. Kerry opposed the Defense of Marriage Act.
  82. Kerry opposed the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy (Sorry Clinton, you're my man but that was screwed up).
  83. Kerry wants to allow openly gay people in the military.
  84. Kerry will end mandatory overtime for nurses. I don't know about you, but I want a nurse that hasn't been working for 24 hours straight helping me when I am sick.
  85. Kerry will make it easier for nurses to form unions and supports all unions because they allow working people to have rights while facing huge corporations. Wait, I forgot, who was it that favors big business above anyone lese in the whole world? Damn, who was that, no don't help me. Oh yeah, President George W Bush. The W is for stupid.
  86. John Kerry is developing a comprehensive economic agenda that will unleash the productive potential of America's economy to help it create 10 million jobs in his first term as President.
  87. Since Bush has become President we have lost more jobs, per capita than during the Great Depression.
  88. Kerry has an IQ over 100 and can pronounce many many words correctly. I HAD to add a jab about Bush's intelligence for fun but let me point out that it is essential that our President communicate effectively in order to maintain foreign relations, present bills and legislation to congress, and to keep the people of this country well informed of any pertinent events.
  89. John Kerry would ensure valuable conservation programs such as the Wetlands Reserve Program and the Conservation Reserve Program receive adequate funding.
  90. Kerry has never governed a state that has one of the worst records for imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders and minorities in the country.
  91. Planes crashed into American landmarks under Kerry: 0, under bush: 4. I am not trying to be insensitive but merely pointing out that Bush probably could have prevented 9/11.
  92. Kerry isn't trying to get elected on the coat tails of 9/11.
  93. Kerry's First Defenders Program will assure that first defenders (the first people to respond to an emergency, such as a terrorist attack) have the gear to do their jobs safely and effectively.
  94. Kerry will make sure that if the government mandates the educational system to do or change something, then funding to do so will be mandated. That seems like commonsense but I guess its not.
  95. If John Kerry is elected he will immediately declare to the world that the Bush policy of unilateralism is over and will begin to work on rebuilding our shattered alliances all across the globe.
  96. Kerry will reinstate the five-year ban on lobbying so that government officials - like Bush's former campaign manager and FEMA director - cannot cash in by peddling influence.
  97. John Kerry will require that every meeting with a lobbyist or any special interest deal inserted into a bill by a lobbyist be made public.
  98. John Kerry will order an immediate 120 day review, upon his election, of all existing trade agreements to ensure that our trade partners are living up to their labor and environment obligations and that trade agreements are enforceable and are balanced for America's workers.
  99. John Kerry believes the naturalization process for legal permanent residents serving in the Armed Forces should be expedited, the naturalization filing fee should be waived, and armed service members should be allowed to naturalize overseas.
  100. Kerry will make it required that all hand guns are sold with child safety locks.
  101. John Kerry supports aggressively targeting traffickers and dealers more than individuals who are addicted to drugs.
  102. The Debates. If you saw any of them you will know why this is a reason to vote for Kerry.
  103. Kerry pointed out that although he is a religious individual, he has no right to force his religious beliefs on the entire country (i.e. making abortion all but illegal).
  104. Dick Cheney is the most evil individual alive.
  105. Can you imagine the kinds of things Bush will do if he doesn't have to worry about re-election. Oh man, now I am going to have nightmares.
  106. John Kerry will not re-instate the draft.
  107. John Kerry's running mate, John Edwards, came from a poor family so he actually understands what it is like to be a regular person.
  108. There is no doubt that Kerry did not wear a wire during the debate. Now I am not saying Bush did, I am just pointing out that Kerry is intelligent enough to not be accused of such a thing.
  109. Kerry supports Stem Cell research so we can hopefully cure horrible diseases.
  110. Superman supported Kerry.
  111. Kerry has shown great strength and moral fiber by not freaking out and calling Bush a Dumb Ass.
  112. There's nothing wrong with Botox.
  113. If we elect Kerry, I will have less and less to whine about to you people, and come on, we all hate whiners.

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