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Dear Ask Zack,
What should one do if one's chosen career path isn't exactly what they want to be doing, but they are terrified of doing what they really want?


I'm going to turn on the light, and we'll be two people in a room looking at each other and wondering why on earth we were afraid of the dark. -Gale Wilhelm

Dear Sandy,
I will assume that you are talking about yourself. If I am wrong feel free to apply this advice to whomever you are thinking about.
Unless you believe your true calling in life to be mass murder, or collecting rare incurable diseases and then letting them loose at day care centers, I would advise you to follow your dreams. learning to face one's fear is one of the hardest ordeal a human can go through in his/her life, although afterward they usually look back and realize how much time they wasted being scared. So go!! Make that giant robot monster to conquer the world, become a professional radish eater, or ask that cute boy or girl for their number (the latter of those three still terrifies me). Hopefully someday, after you've conquered the world you'll thank me in your first speech to the cowering masses, it'll make me proud.
Good luck!!!
-your humble servant Zack

To have your terribly important or vaguely witty question answered, ask the wind. Zack gave up on this column. Yeah, sorry.

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