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Dearest Zackilicious One,
Why do people see UFOs and ghosts? Is this how god mocks and confuses us?
-Unnaturnally Fond Oddball

"Like flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport." -King Lear

Dear long name,
Having never met an alien or a ghost, nor ever once getting to talk to god, I feel that I am the perfect person to answer such a question. Here it goes: I believe that the answer to this can be found if one analyzes the kind of people who regularly see an alien or a ghost, and I mean regularly, like weekly, most of these people have a common characteristic... they are nuts. So is this god trying to mock us? No, not us, just the crazies of the world.

To have your terribly important or vaguely witty question answered, ask the wind. Zack gave up on this column. Yeah, sorry.

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