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Liberal talk radio will never work. It hurts to write that, really it does. The sad fact is, as liberals, we are incapable of arguing with ourselves. Having a sense of humor doesn't help the matter either. Talk radio is all about uncontrollable anger and the expression of anger through delusional sound bytes that paint the world as a dark place controlled by those crazy liberals. There's a sense of irony involved when the conservatives control just about everything, but let's ignore the facts for a minute.

Unlike other crap spewing conservative hosts, Michael Medved contains the gonads to admit his alliance with the Empire. Darth Vader would be so proud. However, like other Republican radio show hosts, Michael Medved has a tendency of ignoring certain aspects of truth. He's not a liar by any means, but by skimming over certain realities, he ensures his fans will still disgust the hated leftists of this nation. His disgust with the fringe continues, as Michael is noted for his displeasure of third parties. Damn straight, how dare they offer an alternative to the crap sandwich and giant douchebag? Political choice is Un-American. Well, try not to tell that to fans of Teddy Roosevelt, remember the Bull Party? Hell, the only reason Bush and Wilson made it into the White House was because some third party came along and screwed thing up for the big boys. Thanks a bunch Nader, I still blame you and, for the record, I hate air bags.

It's not all bad, Michael Medved used to be a Democrat, unfortunately when JFK was GTA'd by LHO his alliance with the Democratic party went DOA and he switched to being a DICK (Democrat Incapable of Cuddling Kittens). Despite his newly Republican label-granting, he adopted this label when Ronald Regan was running strong -- Medved still holds the environment dear to his heart. He also believes in Bigfoot. Did I mention conservatives love to believe in fantasies? Despite his everyman persona, Medved went to Yale and at one time wrote movie reviews. Granted, they were crazy movie reviews that lashed out against the lack of religion in major motion pictures. Well, Michael Medved happened to like "The Passion of the Christ", thank you very much with sprinkles on top. Well, rip out the irony stick dear reader, Michael Medved happens to be Jewish. Admit it; you didn't see that one coming.

Whether it's arguing over the word "privatization" or whether or not a member of Congress exists, Michael Medved fights the real battles. When not fighting these battles, he likely enjoys hiding in places afraid of imaginary shadows.

Great Words From Great Americans
"In the case of Asian-Americans, it's hard to imagine how favorable stereotyping or slight under-representation have damaged a segment of the population already enjoying disproportionate educational and economic success." -Michael Medved

Stevehen J. Warren was born in America. He knows people. American people. You should contact him if you are an American. Or if you aren't an America, but have ever met one.
He writes just to spite you.

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