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Fact, all liberals are communists. Fact, in addition to being communists, liberals also happen to be Nazis. Granted that makes absolutely no sense, considering Nazism and Communism break apart shooting towards their reflective extreme ends. This irony seems to escape Mr. Justin Darr but, for the record, apparently much escapes the grasp of this keenly sharp political mind.

Normally, in this column, I try to blend a mixture of satire and humor and the results often confuse the hell out of anyone who manages stumble across this web page. However, since Mr. Darr is such an avid writer of just inane statements, I've decided to cut and paste some of his finer publication moments.

First up are those crazy liberals who criticize elections when they lose and do nothing when they win. Those sick hypocritical bastards.

"All the hysteria of the past few years is nothing but a disingenuous propaganda tool to try to cover up the left's inability to appeal to mainstream voters and cast unfair dispersions on freely elected officials." -Justin Darr (Every Vote Must Count, Unless the Liberals Win)

On its own, it makes a point. Liberals have a tendency to whine, especially when the Supreme Court trumps the will of the people. Sure, but by reading the rest of the article, one begins to see a shard of hypocrisy as Darr goes on to pinpoint mistakes made in the 2005 elections. See, he can whine and get away with it. The difference, no one reads his columns.

"The crux of the San Francisco gay marriage issue is not homosexuality per se, but the right of the citizens to decide for themselves the very nature and character of the society in which they live." -Justin Darr (Attack of the Pink Swastika)

Society makes the rules. Wow, I mean the majority of the people in the South thought slavery and later segregation were good ideas. Granted, I thought democracy worked differently, but I could be wrong. Besides, "Justin is an expert in political philosophy, western world history, and the development of American society." Considering how that's a fragmented boast of grammar ineptitude, methinks English was not his major. Words are hard sometimes, there are a lot to choose from, oh look monster truck rally, awesome. On a side note, the title of the previous article raised a few eye brows in the homosexual community. It may have had something to do with equating homosexuals with the Nazi movement, or it could be in our rush to be politically correct we forgot how to use symbolism.

As it happens with conservative thinking, Justin Darr hates the sophomoric humor of the liberal bloggers.

"The second, or the "Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen Faction," are a group who broke with the traditional liberal habit of talking endlessly about anything so long as it can be twisted into a childish penis reference about Vice President Cheney, and said nothing." -Justin Darr

OMG!!! LOL!!! If you took President Cheney's first name is Dick. That's so funny. Finally, the world of humor has returned to American politics. Now we can finally stop reading this elitist rambling crap of an author, do something productive like smoke weed, and look for ghosts. Fire up the van, Freddy, I'll grab the dog.

Great Words From Great Americans
"So long as there facts to twist, lies to spread, and profanity laced personal attacks to hurl, liberal bloggers will continue to run away from reality for years to come." -Justin Darr

Stevehen J. Warren was born in America. He knows people. American people. You should contact him if you are an American. Or if you aren't an America, but have ever met one.
He writes just to spite you.

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